4 Cs of Employee Onboarding And Ways To Improve Them

4 Cs of Employee Onboarding and Ways to Improve Them

When a new employee joins a company, they have to go through a process called employee onboarding. During this, they are integrated and made familiar with the company policies and culture. It is a way to improve their contribution towards the company’s success. First of all, they go through an orientation process. Afterward, they learn about the structure, vision, mission, and values.

If you are willing to improve your company’s onboarding method, keep reading the article. Today, we will tell you a powerful and practical approach, the 4 Cs, to do so.

What Are 4 Cs of Onboarding?

Onboarding is challenging and complicated. If it does not go well, the new employee will get a bad first impression of the company. They will start assuming that the company’s environment is chaotic and poorly managed. On the other hand, if onboarding is done efficiently, new hires will not only get a good first impression, but they will try to give their hundred percent for the company’s success.

Dr. Tayla Bauer first proposed the term 4 Cs to make the onboarding process effective and efficient. Using this can help build company culture, ensure compliance, create connections, and offer clarity. Additionally, you must contact the experts at corporate training companies Dubai to help you improve this process by effectually using the 4Cs strategy.

1. Compliance

During compliance, new hires are taught about the legal and policy-related matters of the company. They are also informed about the benefit plans and provided with essential resources. Completion of paperwork and equipping new employees with phones, computers, and workplaces are also part of this phase.

If the compliance part of the 4 Cs is conducted poorly, newbies might spend the whole day confused and filling out the tiring paperwork. Ultimately, they will not only get exhausted on the first day but will also miss the opportunity to connect.

Compliance, being the housekeeping and baseline phase of the 4 Cs, is the most important part.

2. Clarification

It is a straightforward but equally vital part of the 4 Cs. Clarification makes sure whether the new hires have understood their job in the company or not. It is obvious that organizations hire people to get a specific job done. So, if the individuals are not clear about their roles, they might not be able to live up to the organization’s expectations. During this phase, you are required to answer the questions asked by new employees and clear their concepts regarding what they will be doing and how they will do it.

Furthermore, clarification also involves familiarizing new hires with vital tools, procedural manuals, and the firm’s organizational chart. Although it is a simple step, its importance can never be underestimated. If it is not done accurately, your new hires will be left confused and disoriented. This can lead them to doubt their decision to join the company, or they might even fail to meet the expectations.

3. Culture

Most of the time, organizations fail to include “culture” in their onboarding process. Understanding the importance of a company’s norms is essential for new hires. They must have a basic know-how about expected attitude, the company’s traditions, its values, symbols, and stories. All these elements play a fundamental role in determining the overall atmosphere of an organization.

Completing this phase in a way that the new employee must not take culture for granted is critical. This step also ensures that newbies will not find it difficult to understand and merge into the environment.

4. Connection

As a head, you would want all of your employees to work in a healthy and well-connected atmosphere to speed up your company’s growth. The first step towards this is to make your new hires feel accepted and integrated. Otherwise, connecting to their colleagues and team members might become a challenging thing for them. Connection is also vital in helping teams get to know each other, breaking down the invisible wall of hesitation.

Fostering communication between newbies and existing employees is a must-do thing for your company’s success. Therefore, you must acquire the services of corporate training companies to build and improve the sense of teamwork among your employees.

How to Improve 4 Cs

Effective implementation of 4 Cs during onboarding is mandatory for making new hires productive. There are several ways to improve the strategy, including:

  • Do not wait for their first day. Start communicating with them one week before their joining date for a smooth onboarding process.
  • The employee’s workplace must be ready to use on their arrival day.
  • Send a “welcome to our new employee” message to your teams.
  • If you are hiring a group of employees, you must arrange group orientation.
  • New hires find it more feasible to connect with their peers. So, pair them with their peer mentor.

Are You Incorporating 4Cs in Your Onboarding Process?

Traditional and outdated onboarding methods are not influential anymore. An organization must adopt new approaches like the 4 Cs to make the process more effective. You must hire a well-known leadership training and development company to ensure a constructive and structured.

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