7 tips to improve your lats

The rise of participation in mountain races has made many people to compete in great distances and in really hard races with a poor physical preparation. The world of training is one of those in which people seem to know enough without asking advice from a professional about what is best for them.

It is true that the best connoisseur of the body is himself, but it is not less that not everyone has the necessary knowledge and not to obtain better results in different competitions but to avoid injuries, especially in the long term.
Obviously, in order to participate regularly in long races , where the physical requirement is high, it is possible to be very prepared and there are few runners whose only training is to run a certain number of kilometers to feel prepared to participate in such competitions.

So , do you have to run for training? ,

the answer is yes , obviously we have to be prepared for what we are going to face, but is it enough to run alone? , here the answer is no.

All those who wish to participate continuously and who like to run by mountain should know that a very important part of the training does not give the run. There are multiple parallel sports disciplines that can help a runner to feel better, obtain better results but above all and as we have said above to prevent punctual and chronic injuries that can derive from a bad training and that in the end will bill our body.

Although you do not want to resort to a personal trainer, today there are many already books, articles and tables written on the Internet that allow for a continuous and safe training, but there are some minimums that every runner should pass, without going further away a study of the tread to know how to choose the best shoe (since not always the most beautiful and the most expensive is the one that best suits us) or a test of effort to ensure our inner physical state.

Cycling, swimming and gym , series or walking on the mountain are basic elements to keep the body in full condition and not suffer in a few years the consequences of having practiced a sport. You have to make miles, but sometimes to enjoy the important you have to prepare.

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