Air Gap Backups: A Secure Way to Protect Your Data

Air Gap Backups

Air Gap Backups: A Secure Way to Protect Your Data

In this fast-paced digital world, data protection has become a top priority for organizations of all sizes. With the increasing number of cyber threats, it is essential to have a robust backup and disaster recovery strategy in place. One such solution that is gaining popularity is Air Gap Backups.

What are Air Gap Backups?

Air gap backups are a type of data backup method that physically separates the backup data from the primary storage system. This means that there is no direct or network connection between the two, making it impossible for cybercriminals to access or compromise the backup data.

How do Air Gap Backups Work?

Air gap backups use offline storage devices such as external hard drives, tape drives, or removable storage media to store backup data. These devices are disconnected from the primary storage system once the backup is complete and stored in a secure location.

Why Choose Air Gap Backups?

Air gap backups offer an additional layer of protection against cyber threats such as ransomware, viruses, and malware. As these attacks often target network-connected systems, air gap backups provide a secure way to keep backup data safe.

Moreover, air gap backups also offer protection against natural disasters, power outages, and human errors. With the data stored offline, it is not affected by any network or system issues and can be easily restored when needed.

Ways How Can StoneFly Help?

1. Secure Data Transfer

StoneFly’s backup and disaster recovery solutions use military-grade encryption to ensure the secure transfer of data between primary storage and backup devices.

2. Reliable Storage

StoneFly’s air gap backup solutions use highly reliable storage devices to ensure the integrity of backup data.

3. Automated Backups

With StoneFly’s solution, you can schedule automated backups, eliminating the risk of human error and ensuring timely backups.

4. Multiple Backup Locations

StoneFly offers the option to store backups in multiple locations for added security, reducing the risk of data loss.

5. Customizable Backup Policies

Our solution allows you to customize backup policies according to your business needs, ensuring efficient and effective data protection.

6. Centralized Management

With StoneFly’s centralized management console, you can easily monitor and manage all your backups from a single interface.

7. Easy Data Recovery

StoneFly’s solution offers quick and easy Data Recovery, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.

8. Scalability

Our air gap backup solutions are scalable, allowing you to add more storage as your data backup needs grow.

9. Disaster Recovery Options

In the event of a disaster, StoneFly offers multiple options for restoring your data, such as bare-metal restore and virtual machine recovery.

10. Compliance Ready

StoneFly’s solutions are compliant with various industry regulations, ensuring your data is protected according to the necessary standards.

11. Redundancy

To ensure maximum protection against data loss, StoneFly’s solution offers redundant backup options that store multiple copies of your data in different locations.

12. Quick Deployment

Our solutions are easy to deploy, saving you time and resources in setting up your backup infrastructure.

13. Cost-Effective

Air gap backups with StoneFly are cost-effective, providing a secure data protection solution without breaking the bank.

14. 24/7 Support

We offer round-the-clock support to our customers, ensuring any issues with backups are resolved promptly.

15. Cloud Integration

StoneFly’s solution also offers seamless integration with public and private cloud options, giving you flexibility in storing your backup data.

Best Practices for Air Gap Backups

  • Store backup devices in secure and reliable locations, preferably offsite.
  • Regularly test your backups to ensure they are working correctly.
  • Ensure all backup devices are properly labeled and accounted for to avoid any confusion during restoration.
  • Implement strict access controls to the backup devices to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Use encryption to secure the data stored on backup devices.
  • Have a disaster recovery plan in place and regularly review and update it.
  • Train employees on proper backup procedures to reduce the risk of human error.
  • Perform regular maintenance checks on backup devices to ensure they are functioning correctly.


Air gap backups provide an additional layer of security for your data, protecting it from cyber threats, natural disasters, and system failures. With StoneFly’s backup and disaster recovery solutions, you can ensure the safety of your data with reliable and efficient air gap backups. Contact us today to learn more about our customizable solutions that are designed to meet your unique business needs.


Q: Can I use air gap backups for all types of data?

A: Yes, air gap backups can be used to protect any type of data, including databases, applications, and files.

Q: How often should I perform air gap backups?

A: It is recommended to perform air gap backups at least once a day. However, the frequency can vary depending on your business needs and the amount of data being generat.

Q: Can I use multiple backup devices for air gap backups?

A: Yes, StoneFly’s solution allows you to use multiple backup devices for added protection and redundancy. So, it is highly recommend to use multiple backup devices.

Q: How long does it take to restore data from air gap backups?

A: The time taken to restore data from air gap backups can vary depending on the size and complexity of the backup. However, with StoneFly’s efficient solutions, data can be restore quickly to minimize downtime.

Q: Are air gap backups only for large businesses?

A: No, air gap backups are beneficial for businesses of all sizes as they provide an extra layer of protection for critical data. However, the size and frequency of backups may vary depending on the business’s needs.



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