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Are you finding the best sex positions for you and your partner? If yes, then you’re within the right place. Most men face a typical challenge when finding the best sex positions once they are in bed with their partner. Most of the people are simply afraid that their partner may be bored if they repeat a similar gender position whenever they create love. Always keep in mind that a similar old one always brings boring results. So you’re usually wondering what are the best sexual positions in love?

There are many ways to possess good sex, then you certainly have a variety of top positions which will satisfy both of you very nicely. You would like to get the sex pose that works best for you and helps you reach the G-spot. It’s extremely important for you to know that having sex together with your partner for just three to four minutes won’t be so satisfying for your girl. In fact, you must attempt to find the best sexual situation on the web and check out to practice them once you sleep with together with your partner. It’s vital to know the emotions of your partner so you’re sure you’re on the same level and understand that everything just works fine. Read more

So let’s move on to the real spicy thing, the 5 best sex positions you must know.


One of the best positions for orgasm is a biting small number of relationship coaches and sexual development, The Drop Box.

In this position the intruder partner lies on his back, his hips hanging on the bed. The penetrating partner stands on the ground ahead of the girl and support her legs. Your penis will enter with natural upward movements, rubbing directly into the G-spot area.


Go for life with The Tilt-a-Whirl. For this sex position, ask your girl, with your feet on the ground, to sit on the edge of the bed, Taylor instructs.

The intruder partner will sit on the lap of his boy he says. Now, both of them will tilt holding each other’s arms for the support. Here, the boy will do all the job and his penis will be at that G-spot. Al last you both will enjoy and end happily.


Increase the warmth and do sex wearing high heels. Stand on the ground, bent at the top of a table or bed while wearing high heels. This is indeed a really good position for better penetration, said Charlie Glickman, an AASECT certified sex educator.

Doing this you’ll make your girl relax on the surface and even wearing heels can raise your partner to the right height. Additionally, the heels provide more “shaking” to the buttocks, making it easier to move during sex.


If you would like a deeper relationship together with your partner, this is often another great gender position you’ll try. Let your partner sit down on any fine surface, just like the fringe of the bed or a chair – then jump to the top, Levine suggests. If we stay face to face, we will look directly into each other’s eyes, sparking the intimacy of the deed.


Kentfield says the lazy dog is simply just like the doggy style, but during this pose, both partners lie flat on the bed. it’s an excellent position if both of the partners are feeling turned on but doesn’t have enough energy. Some gender positions can help you stay in bed longer. The above 5 are just a start.

Women love to change positions. It gives them a replacement and an adventurous feeling. It also can mean better stimulation for her during making sex. However, it is often difficult to seek out the proper gender position for both of you but it is not impossible. So, try these best sex positions and find what suits you and makes your partner crazy. Best of luck!