Funny facts about Charleston you did not know


When we are discussing about the places that you can visit on your next trip, then Charleston is one of the best places that you can visit. Here you can explore the charming history of the place and you can even know about the charm of the place. 

Pineapple Fountain park

The place is so very famous for the pineapple waterfront park. Here, you are going to see so many images of pineapples all around, not only on the doors, gates but even in the middle of the city. According to the people, the local legend, when arrived back home, would hang the tropical fruit here so that he could make the announcement of him being back. 

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Military College

The Military College of South California organizes a dress parade and this is mostly on the Fridays. The uniformed corps march on the Summerfield in perfect precision and they even emit sounds of music as well as of cannon fire. The sight is amazing to see and the parade welcomes all sorts of visitors to watch it for free.

River Street Sweets

If you want a free taste of pralines then you should stop by the river street sweets, but if you do so then you are surely going to end up buying the pecan buttery candy. So, you can book your Spirit airlines tickets easily and conveniently and also shortlist your itinerary by contacting the customer executives those will help you to decide well.

Blockade of Charleston

This is the infamous pirate Blackbeard and the place was set up in 1718. This was not for money or for gold but for the medicine. Blackbeard and the pirates shut down the demand and the only treatment for this is the use of syphilis. This is the greatest treasure of the place.

Charleston City Market

The market was built in the 1790s and here you can sell art, craft and even souvenirs to buy beef and the produce. The Charleston eagles used the circle to market and pick up the butchers.

Catfish row

This is regarded to be the first and the most important opera. The opera is based on African American life and it was written in the 1920s during the vacation.

Mathews church

The tallest building of the place is the Mathew church. The city gets its name from the place and the skyline here is full of steeples.

First golf game

The first theatre is the Dock street theatre and after that the place is also well known for the first golf game. The first library and the first museum of America was opened here, so people remember this place for a lot of its contributions.

Single houses

The single houses here are the narrowest and they face the street. The houses have double or triple decker porches that stretch along the place. The front door is on the side and the place has wide rooms. The architecture is distinctive and it makes it quite interesting to live here. The climate is sticky and the structures face to the coastal breezes.

Fourth largest city

The place is regarded to be the fourth largest city of the colonial Americas and it is the wealthiest. The place is very famous due to the first museum, playhouse and college in the US. So book your tickets to the place with the spirit airlines booking easily. Spirit airlines reservations helps to get you the best offers and deals for booking. Spirit airlines flight status helps to gather the flight status and also know about the various in flight services that you can get.

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