How to Copy OLM File on Mac Mail? – Quick & Effective Solution


Did you move to Mac Mail from Outlook for Mac recently and now wondering how to copy OLM file on Mac Mail with emails and attachments correctly? Need not worry, just go through the write-up which has discussed a technique that will help you to copy OLM file on Mac Mail with emails and attachments effortlessly.

OLM is a supported file format of Mac Outlook and many Mac users are already quite aware of it. The file contains all the data items of users account such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes. However, OLM is basically a file type of Mac Outlook which means this file will not open in any other email application. Because every email platform has a unique file storage system that supports distinct file format for data storage.

Need to Convert OLM to MBOX to Copy OLM file on Mac Mail

Emails are essential source of communication nowadays. They have made the work easier for large businesses. By simply sitting on our own seat we can easily collaborate and connect with others worldwide.

Most of the email applications have a similar processing. They all are used for sending/receiving of emails. And even some users keep migrating from one email client to another to get more powerful interface and features which is not an issue. But they may find themselves in a situation where they unable to access the files of old email platform anymore into a new one.

Despite having the same email management process, their file formats are different. So, no matter how much you try to access OLM files on Mac Mail, an error will definitely occur. Therefore, conversion of OLM files to MBOX will give you the breath of a fresh air and help you to view your essential OLM emails and attachments in Mac Mail without data alteration.

How to Copy OLM File on Mac Mail? – Safe and Secure Solution

The simplified technique to copy OLM file on Mac Mail is MacMister OLM to MBOX Converter Tool. It is an instant and cost-effective approach that securely performs the conversion between OLM and MBOX and delivers accurate output within seconds. Its GUI is easy to operate and manage. Thus, any individual can handle the process independently and perform the task in no time. Even, the steps are not complicated. They are minimum and will take minimum time to successfully accomplish the task.

Moreover, OLM to MBOX Converter is equipped with very powerful features and options that can be used to attain the desired results in a short time. However, free demo is available which you can use to experience the conversion steps of the app for free.

Working Steps to Copy OLM File on Mac Mail

Step 1. Download, launch, and run Mac OLM to MBOX application on your MacBook.


Step 2. Add necessary OLM emails and attachments on the software with the help of Add File(s) and Add Folder buttons. The Add File(s) button can help you load few OLM files on the app for conversion whereas Add Folder enable users to load the entire folder carrying unlimited OLM files on the app for batch conversion. Then, click Next.


Step 3. The application will start listing OLM files with checkboxes on the software panel one by one. However, by default all the checkboxes will be listed. But you can deselect the checkbox of unnecessary files and copy only the selected OLM files on Mac Mail supported MBOX format. Click Next to continue.


Step 4. Click on Select Saving Options and select MBOX file format option.


Step 5. Set OLM options according to the requirements and click on Export button to start the conversion of OLM emails and attachments.

Step 6. Check the ongoing conversion of OLM files appearing on Live Conversion Report as shown below-


The process will be finished in few seconds and then “Conversion Completed” pop-up will appear confirming process is completed successfully. Click on OK and then go to your new Mac Mail account to access converted files. Check the steps from below.

Steps to Copy Resultant Files on Mac Mail

Step 1. Open Mac Mail email platform on your Mac.

Step 2. Go to File and from its menu, select Import Mailboxes…

Step 3. Choose Files in MBOX Format option and click Continue.

Step 4. Navigate to location where resultant MBOX files are saved. Select them and press Choose button.

Step 5. The import procedure will start which will end in few seconds and then enable the Done button.

Click on the Done button to finish the process. After this, main Apple Mail account window will appear. Go to the left navigation pane and under On My Mac you will find the Import folder. Double-click on it to open the sub-folder appearing as INBOX with the total count of emails converted. However, you can choose the required email message to read. And you will see that the content is completely accurate and appearing with correct formatting properties.


The blog has offered an extraordinary methodology to copy OLM file on Mac Mail with emails and attachments. MacMister OLM Converter for Mac is a recommended tool which securely performs the conversion of OLM files and delivers the accurate results in a short time. Anyone can handle it effortlessly and perform the process with ease. However, check the whole process by downloading the free demo version of the tool. It also allows to copy first 25 OLM files to Mac Mail free of cost.


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