How to Read MBOX Files on Mac without Losing Data?


Are you a Mac user who received several MBOX files on your Mac machine from a client but not having its supported email client on the system? Wondering how to read MBOX file on Mac without losing data? Looking for a trouble-free approach for the same? No worries go through the article in which you will come across a solution that will help you to access MBOX file data on Mac by converting MBOX to PDF.

MBOX files are a plain-text file that is viewable on any text-editor or any of its supported email client such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage, PocoMail, etc. The entire lists of emails are stored in 7-bit ASCII text and attachments are encoded in MBOX file. The file type actually works as a container for numerous compressed files. But somehow it is not reliable.

MBOX has many advantages but it still has a loophole that creates a stressful environment for most of the users. MBOX is a simple text format of file with low encryption. So, keeping MBOX file openly on the system is not safe. It can lead to data theft or severe loss of data. In such cases, PDF format proves beneficial.

Why PDF is a beneficial option to read MBOX files on Mac?

PDF is a portable document format, works as electronic images of printed documents which can be easily viewed, navigated, printed, or forwarded. The file type is useful for printing and sharing important data. Moreover, it contains an in-built option with the help users can apply a password on the necessary content and protect the same from unknown access.

PDF is equipped with countless benefits and some of them are:

  • PDF file is platform-independent. It is compatible with any operating system. Users can easily view, share, and print PDF files with exact content and layout on any platform.
  • The file is smaller in size as compared to other file formats. It can be stored, transferred, and downloaded with ease.
  • PDF files are easily editable only when permission is granted.
  • Formatting properties remain preserved that makes document looks professional and polished.
  • Advanced security measures protect the critical data of a document.
  • PDF files are easy to customize and collaborated. Also, integrated with different content types such as videos, images, 3D models, animations, etc.
  • Compress large size files easily and show the content without damaging the quality.

How to Read MBOX Files on Mac without Losing Data?

The easy and safe way to read MBOX files on Mac without losing data is MacMister MBOX to PDF Converter Mac. The tool is simple, reliable, and cost-effective. Any technical and non-technical individuals can independently operate the application and perform the conversion of MBOX files to make MBOX file readable on Mac. Even, the tool has three operational steps that will take only three seconds to finish the entire conversion process.

Moreover, MBOX to PDF Mac Converter supports countless features which can be applied as per requirements to obtain necessary output. However, to check the same, one can opt free demo version and experience the entire procedure for free.

Working Steps to Read MBOX Files on Mac without Losing Data

Step 1. Download, launch, and open Mac MBOX to PDF Converter on macOS.


Step 2. Click Add File(s) button if you want to add required MBOX files on the tool for conversion. Click Add Folder button to load the entire folder carrying multiple MBOX files on the app for batch conversion. When done, press Next.


Step 3. The software start listing MBOX files on the panel with checkboxes one by one. However, the checkbox property will provide you the freedom to convert only the selected MBOX files to PDF. Click Next.


Step 4. Now set the options as per your requirements such as save PDF file, black and white option, convert attachments to PDF, embed attachments to PDF, save attachments to separate folder, file naming options, and set destination path. Then, click Next.


Step 5. Apply necessary Filters as per your needs to save only the specific MBOX files as PDF. When done, press Export.


Step 6. The conversion will start and a Live Conversion Report displays showing the conversion progress of MBOX files.


The entire process will complete in few seconds and then “Conversion Completed” pop-up appears confirming that process is finished successfully. Click on OK and then go to location where converted PDF files are saved. You can open the required PDF file and check the result. However, you will see that the data is accurate and appearing with precise formatting properties.


The blog has highlighted powerful methodology to read MBOX file on Mac without losing data. MacMister MBOX to PDF Mac Tool is a recommended utility which is tested and certified. It is easily manageable and secure to use. However, a free demo version of the app is available with the help of users can check the conversion for free. Also, it allows to save first 25 MBOX files as PDF on any macOS free of cost. Moreover, you will be able to check the entire list of features and options of the tool without any charges.


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