Incorporando face pulls en el entrenamiento

People who trains tend to spend most of his time training what you can see in the mirror, so biceps and pecs take enough attention. And that works fine for a while until the shoulder pain due to imbalance between agonist and antagonist muscles appears.

Since I made this video about face pulls, I have been wondering about expanding it .

I knew about this exercise for the first time in the seventies, through writings of John Parillo, which, to my knowledge, is who else promotes it. I immediately joined in the training of my athletes, from swimmers to soccer players, obtaining obvious benefits both health and performance.

Greatly benefits scapular retractors, which in turn held in properly aligned shoulder. Failure to effectively train the scapular retractors leads to a lot of shoulder problems, from the cartilage degeneration and osteoarthritis fiber breaks, to name a few.

Some tips to make them more effective:

1) Place a mate who put fingers in the center of your spine, not to give in to the temptation to use the posterior chain to lift more weight.

2) By retracting the shoulder blades, seeks to “squeeze” the fingers of your partner.

3) Be sure to pull the center of the rope slightly upward toward the face.

4) Concentrate on separate ends of the rope, not simply pull back.

5) As you approach the face, bring your hands up, so that the knuckles are facing the ceiling.

6) If you are a beginner, and your scapular retractors are weak in the shortened position, hold for 6 seconds in that position. Controllably low weight.

7) stretches the pectoralis minor statically between sets, increase the burden that you can use.

Here’s a video about making sure to respect the rank.
Notice how your fingers between the shoulder blades are used to ensure that the form is good, as mentioned on boards 1 and 2.

You can also use a neutral grip, this allows greater external rotation of the humerus. In my experience, most people need 3 weeks of the pronated version before you can use this one:

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