Interview with Adam Raw

Raw Adam is one of the greatest exponents of the sport of street workout, and has the distinction of being quite high and heavy (1.85 and 90 kg or more), so many look into it when searching gain muscle training with body weight.

In this video you have an interview with Denis, Baristi Workout . Some of the key points of it are:

Adam does not train with pure and body weight. Use weights to the most intense training.

Adam believes his muscle gain is precisely the use of weights and maintain sets of repetitions not as high (maximum 10). Further it clarifies that much of that muscle and had it before starting to train with calisthenics / body weight.

‘As for nutrition, its biggest recommendation is to use integral / unprocessed foods, having tried lots of things.

He thinks congestion as important stimulator of muscle gain.

-Apuesta (Like other figures such as Hannibal For King ) for the basics of calisthenics (funds, pullups, pushups) as a pillar of a routine. Recommended for a year devoted to gain strength in these exercises. Ballast as the need arises.

-considers The street workout should be something for everyone. Not everyone can make complicated gymnastic elements, but everyone can contribute. Furthermore thinks should be established categories where street workout competitions.

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