Our goal is the body to have fed


Our goal is the body to have fed with nutrients that are not present in the stomach during training already. As we have said it is ideally between 60 and 90 minutes (depending on the person, some require up to 120 minutes can) our body is full of energy, we butt glycogen stores and can get the maximum benefits of exercise.

Finally, remember that everyone is different and it is likely that your ideal diet did not think it right the first time. Your training partner will be perfect glass of milk with cereal and cause you stomach lactose. It is ideal to experiment and find the ones that give us more energy without sacrificing wellbeing.

The program integrates different rep ranges (high repetitions, low or moderate repetition repeats) to the muscles at a higher weight lighter weights, and all kinds of changes include therebetween.

Vary the weight to muscle overcome the stagnation of its development continues throughout the 12-week program.

The strength and endurance will improve moderately, but the primary goal is muscle hypertrophy, and thus the full routine name.

This is a specialized routine enlarged upper leg workout once a week and to a lesser extent. We recommend that in your next routine to focus more on the lower body.


Finally, remember that it is an advanced routine. five days a week now so a good diet and many hours of sleep per day is essential.


If you want the basic supplements that are proven to effectively use. In our section Recommended dietary supplements you have some options.


Once you spend two months suggest a week of discharge (eg, 3 days a week of very light training) to fully recover from the stress on your body and nervous system during these two months.

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