If you must use the trap in the first iteration


Aplicad your biceps one or more of these advanced techniques to increase the intensity of your exercise session two:


fall rehearsals


You need to use strict implementation, but serve a body momentum in the last two reps will help you overcome the stagnation point. Make sure that the momentum is the minimum required to initiate movement and that comes from your legs, not your back.


If you must use the trap in the first iteration, you can rest assured that you have too much weight that the fall reduces stress loaded on the muscles. It is a bad application of the technique.


First, you must complete six to eight repetitions and you make one or two thanks to the impulse. Do repetitions fall in the first or second bicep workout.


forced reps


Are those in which the training partner helps you just enough to tip the stagnation and get two full rehearsals, if you follow the proper implementation was impossible.


You can also create one yourself using the hands free to unilateral exercises like concentration curls. You can at any time Forced representatives of the session biceps.


unilateral measures


The dumbbell exercises progressing both arms beginning at the same time and the session, arms alternad make a unilateral work stoppage on the other side. It is advisable to use this technique in the second or third year.

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