Do not confuse strength with hypertrophy

Do not confuse strength with hypertrophy. They are not equal. It is very common to find that believes that to gain muscle mass necessary for the maximum weight you can move. This is a mistake because there is nothing to do strength training to win a focus on muscle mass. For that you need to operate at high rep range, 8, which is more important than time, the volume of training and the series of partial recovery of the tax. You are wrong if you think that the most muscular athletes are the strongest. A rugby player or NHL ice hockey can be increased to 50% compared. exercise physical resistance did grow muscle (hypertrophy). There must be intense enough to generate stress and micro fractures muscle fibers involved, then so can compensate for adequate rest and necessary nutrients for the loss and grow more than before.

For this exercise sufficient incentive to consider the following suggestions:

– It is best to divide the three-day training routine at least once a week every muscle group.

– A good warm-up before you start is very important, so we are preparing the muscles in the best position to exercise, which reduces the risk of injury.

– Slow work: for optimal muscle stimulation, ideally not the exercises automatically and quickly but carefully to implement and purposefully implement technology, which slows down the work.

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