Attach a technique in the final round


It consists, after reaching failure, reducing weight by 25% and to continue the series and return to muscular failure.


Attach a technique in the final round of the exercise of the third and final training.


The best exercises for this system are the ones that allow you to change the weight too quickly, as machines with selector.


section rehearsals


If you have used the method of 21 repetitions, you probably know what we mean.


In the barrel (preferably standing) seven repetitions carried out up to a half, seven of the top half of the displacement, and, optionally, other seven full.


Attach a technique in the last or the last two rounds of training.


maximum contraction


There is also another useful trick to gain in intensity. Is maintaining the contraction of the biceps muscle tightening at the height of the movement for the second.


Used biceps outsource turning the wrist and then you will see how the muscle is poured.

Study of the Training Department of the biceps


When the rear of the train biceps secondary also work and so many bodybuilders head of the biceps after lats.


It is logical, especially for beginners who do not divide the routine, but you can not use a heavy weight in this way.

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