Body alternately times more intense exercise


Now the decision is up to each of us, because of the physical form that we have to choose some form of muscle training. Although the ideal of a harmonic body alternately times more intense exercise and other lighter, however, where a large number of repetitions.

There are some days when I back tested for the first time running on the pull-rings, and I must say that my first thought was: “It is, I have to draw the most intense,” but the analysis a little more movement, it is not only demanding and complex bends that exist and executed.


I think I have the weapons most intense ups or at least I tried to do this are:


A push-ups with the hand I can hardly realize the five reps with a complete turn and successfully tested, do not know if you’ve tried to carry them, but they are really intense and hard to run out.

plyometric push-ups: ie hands with both arms to hit off the ground for a few seconds, the truth, practice and achieve after power, but very tiring.

Pushups on the rings: execute on an unstable surface, a very demanding exercise that requires work not only weapons, but also the center of the body and different muscle groups. Although the practice can be achieved without problems, I must confess that the first time is very intense.

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