This is why some bodybuilders prefer


This is why some bodybuilders prefer to dedicate a specific day to the poor. Thus, the muscles work hard and with a maximum weight.


In any case, remember that all biceps and needs rest to grow and be strengthened. Let them rest for at least 48 hours before you exercise again.


You will respect this time otherwise you have to lead to a day and the other because the biceps flexor arm exercised twice.


The biceps are a small muscle group, so careful not sobreentrenarlo. Give priority to restoring the intensity relative to the workload and the muscles.

Utilizad a weight that allows you to reach muscular failure indicated in the number of repetitions, but reducidlo to complete in the third set of each exercise with two other representatives.

Cambiad routine


An effective training program stops working after eight weeks.


Is the time it takes to use muscles and claiming a separate effort to continue growing.


This stagnation is not common among beginners, but not too much training time to make this point.


Try new exercises, changing the grip angle, the computer, the number of repetitions and intensity techniques to the growth of the fan. The change movements that training is progressive and not fall into monotony.


The truth is that most combinations of exercises are effective if the execution is correct and the session is arranged so that the first mass-conducting exercises with heavy weights and more repetitions with insulation.

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