Top Benefits Of Using A Bolster Pillow

extra large bolster pillow

Bolster pillows are good at supporting your back and head while sleeping. They help to impart proper alignment to your body so that you can sleep comfortably. These pillows may be made of cotton, foam, or feathers. You can also use it as a neck roll, a knee pillow, a bed wedge, or even as a decorative piece in your room. You can even get an extra large bolster pillow if you feel that normal size ones are not proper for your use. These pillows are different from other pillows, and there is a wide variety of them to choose from. You can also get different patterns and designs apart from colors.

The benefit of Bolster Pillows

  • Body support

Bolster pillows help to support your body. This is why they are often used as orthopedic tools to prevent sprains and body aches. They can be good for your lower back pain. For this, you may place a bolster pillow or an extra large bolster pillow under your knees while sleeping on your back. It causes your knees to lift and thereby relieves the pressure on your hips and around your lower back. This can help your aching back to relax.

Neck support

You can also place a bolster pillow under your neck for better neck support. However, this can be a small bolster pillow because a large one may be quite uncomfortable. It may relieve muscle tension in the neck and help you relax.

  • Footrest

These pillows can be good for work from home people since these people mostly sit at work in an improper position and for a long time. This can cause pain. You can negate the effect of your posture to some extent by using a good extra large bolster pillow as a footrest. It can help you sit straight and offer some comfort to your spine by reducing the pressure.

  • Useful for babies

These are good for babies and toddlers compared to normal pillows since they are round and thus less likely to muffle the kid’s breathing while sleeping. They are also good as baby props. They may protect your babies from rolling over while sleeping. Also, they can help your baby get a good posture for photography or just for feeding.


Notwithstanding the myriad benefits of using a bolster pillow, you need to keep in mind that you need a good pillow to reap the benefits. So, make sure to buy a good bolster pillow from a reliable online store.