Muscles worked with L-sit or pull up L dominated

Employee movement dominated Crossfit and one of the most demanding variants we describe today as part of our guide Crossfit are called L- or pull dominated L.


To start the movement, a chin-up bar or high bar parallel we lay our hands necessary, even if we are on the ground.

If we dominated in the classic bar, we know that the hands are placed in supination (palms facing your body), but they can also be performed with the palms down, but the exercise will be more intense. They should be placed shoulder width.


With arms outstretched and eyes forward, we began the exercise by lifting straight legs L with our body and lower body are parallel to the ground. From there we started shooting our guns held to lift the entire body in that position until the chin is over the bar.

In a move well made, it is advisable not to take the momentum and balancearnos up and down the body.


Muscles worked with L-sit or pull up L dominated


This movement is dominated combines a classic variant with isometric exercises, such as sit-L is so set muscle groups and require more effort.


So, work with this exercise outside of the back muscles and arms as latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, teres major, biceps, the muscles of the abdomen and legs that the position L, the quadriceps, tibialis jaws, rectus abdominis and oblique.

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