The Means to Encapsulate One of The Happiest Days of a Couple’s Life


A wedding day is the happiest day in any couple’s life. It is the day they officially declare their love for one another in front of God and loved ones and enter into a bond that’ll be everlasting. They’ll crave the blessings of everyone present, and rightfully so.

For most of the wedding day, the couple will be busy entranced in one another and can’t entertain guests for long. It’s understandable. Thus, they’ll miss out on reunions of childhood friends, cousins, and many relatives. But there is a chance for them to cherish these events in the form of pictures. A good wedding photographer will allow them to afford this opportunity.

What Constitutes Bad Wedding Photography?

Photography is an art rather than a study. Most so-called “photographers” don’t understand the difference. They follow the technical and theoretical aspects and think that’s all it takes. They provide photos that appear to be documents rather than memories and lack a soul. So how does one solve this issue?

What is Good Wedding Photography?

Tearful reunions and joyous celebrations have a soul of their own. A good wedding photographer must respect this. While it is essential to have the technological know-how, each frame must tell a story. His work must encapsulate this day’s essence. If he follows this principle, then the job will be easy. Photographers who treat their subject as an art form achieve a lot in their careers, regardless of the niche.

What Aspects Should One Look For, Before Hiring a Photographer?

One must look into many aspects of a photographer before committing to anything. It is imperative to take the extra time to hire the “right” guy. These photos need to serve as joyous memories and must be timeless. The screening process has to be the following:

  • Qualifications in the field of photography, like degrees or diplomas.
  • Knowledge regarding photo editing software.
  • Knowledge regarding photo papers.
  • Portfolio samples of previous works.
  • Achievements or awards.
  • Whether been published.
  • Reviews from previous clients.

The fee is another field altogether. One must be clear about pricing structure and package plans. The clients need to address the following points:

  • Whether the charges will be hourly or are there any package plans?
  • How many photos will be provided?
  • Add-on services such as video packages and their rates.
  • Free add-on services.
  • Available discounts.

How to Make the Right Decision?

One must look into more than one photographer. They must take rates from different prospects and make an informed decision. However, clients need to keep all these aspects in mind. The price alone shouldn’t be a determining factor. If one has to spend an extra buck to select the best candidate, then so be it. A wedding is a special occasion, and the extra money is worth it.

Our sole aim at Dreambox is to make your special day extra special. We’ll provide you with pictures that will be meaningful and serve as a story on its own. Kindly reach out to us, and we’ll provide you with the best videographers and photographers in Dubai.