Automotive Show Next Door: A Welcome Event and An Opportunity For You


If you are a part of the automotive ecosystem, your success is integral to the success of automotive systems and automobiles. This is why you need to try to keep yourself abreast of the happenings on the automotive horizon. Indeed, a lot is happening in and around the sector. There are electric cars, new emission norms, auto gear shift technology, and more. So, how do you ensure that you are abreast of the happenings?

Visit An Automotive Show

Visiting automotive shows regularly can be a very good thing for people involved with the automotive industry such as Auto Parts Suppliersauto parts manufacturers, automobile distributors, fleet owners, and even auto workshops. However, you need to visit only big automotive shows where stakeholders from different parts of the country as well as the world are taking part.

All Stakeholders Under One Roof

Such an event can showcase a range of vehicle parts and accessories that you need to keep cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes, and commercial vehicles running. They bring together suppliers, manufacturers and dealers, and all those involved in automotive maintenance, repair, and enhancement.

The African Scenario

In the African scenario, especially in Nigeria, the need for such automotive shows is huge. Indeed, there has been double-digit growth in car parts demand over the past five years. This is due to the high number of older cars on the road. Indeed, more than 60% of cars here are more than 12 years old. This calls for an entire ecosystem to keep these cars running. This may involve dealers of used cars, Auto Parts Suppliers, workshops, and more. 

An Opportunity For Professionals

However, automotive shows are not just a necessity; they are an opportunity. Indeed, for several people involved in the automotive industry, an automotive show is a welcome event. This can allow you to find the key contacts, importers, and wholesalers of automobile parts, used cars, etc. Taking part in such a show can help you strike lucrative deals. Also, you can be a part of the innovative ideas that are constantly flowing into the sector.


If you are involved with the automotive sector in any way, it is time to book your stall in a big automotive show. Such a show can be a boon for people like Auto Parts Suppliers, car dealers, used car dealers, and a range of other professionals. Just make sure to book your stand early, otherwise, slots may get filled up. Such shows can truly help you succeed in your niche and make a booming business out of your profession. In the Nigerian automotive market, there is a big potential for auto parts since there are a lot of old cars running here. So, if you are in the auto parts supply business, booking a stand in the upcoming show can be quite fruitful.