Top Ways to Increase Intimacy in Your Relationship


Do you want to increase intimacy in your relationship? Or have you wondered why more intimacy might improve the overall well-being? Well, the reality is it strengthens your bond with your partner and leads to happiness.

Relationship intimacy is a result of strong emotional and physical connections. By improving your sexual and emotional intimacy with your partner, you can boost your happiness levels. Now that you want to take a step ahead in your relationship, here’s presenting top ways to improve intimacy with your lifetime companion.

Schedule Your Bedroom Sessions Appropriately

Sometimes, the only thing you think of while crawling into the bed is sleep. However, if you have moved on with your couple, make a habit of enjoying your bedroom session. It’s, thus, important to lovemaking your top priority. Scheduling a particular time for getting physically close to your partner! Some of the ways you can improve your bedroom scenarios are:

  • Send sensual text messages before you start your bedroom scene
  • If your girl is voluptuous, ask them to wear something seductive
  • While planning a candlelight dinner, prepare yourself on how to get wild in the bed

Improving your bedroom scenarios is not always about enjoying good times with your partner. Sometimes, you also need to walk the extra mile all by yourself. That’s where the act of masturbation comes into being. You can purchase the Rocks Off Fuzion Enigma Rechargeable Vibrator and enhance your skills.

Reminiscing The Good Times

Reminisce about the healthy times you both shared with each other. While discussing a fun experience or pleasurable experiences, recapture positive feelings related to these experiences. That will not only increase your intimacy but also help you focus on just the good memories leaving behind the bad ones.

The Power of ‘Touch’

Physical contact lets you stay connected to your mate. Touch is a quintessential component of any healthy relationship. Affectionate and sexual physical touches have multiple health benefits. Some of the examples are:

  • Holding hands
  • Caressing different parts of their body
  • Linger while giving them a hug

A healthy bedroom scene leads to gratification and excitement. But what’s equally important is the emotional attachment you share with your partner. That includes mindfulness, cuddling, and healthy connection after enjoying an intimate session.

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