2 Love Making Positions to Leave Her Begging For More!



#1. Woman-on-top position: this is voted as the most popular love making position for women because it gives them total control of pace and intensity to find out what’s the best for them. As well, it makes your partner feel seductive, sexy and make her totally satisfied! Following are list of tips to make the most out of this position:

–    Place a big cushion under your buttock to lift up position of pelvis for deep penetration.

–    Have her to thrust in steady circular, or back and forth motion. It allow penis to rub against all walls of vagina and G spot for erotic stimulation.

–    She draws her legs as close as possible to supercharge sensation for both of you.

–    Use your free hands to caress her breasts and lower belly for extra stimulation.

#2. Sexy Seagull position: she lies on her back with her buttocks resting comfortably near the edge of bed. You kneel down between her legs and make sure penis and vagina are parallel. When necessary, you can place a cushion under her back to adjust height. In this position, your penis enters directly into her body, which results in explosive sensations for both of you.

Extra hot tip: instead of mindless thrusting, you may want to try teasing her, i.e. withdrawing when she’s about to orgasm. When you resume stimulation, it is going to push her over the edge easily and quickly. Here’s how: during thrusting, stimulate her until she’s near climax. Then, pull out your member and stimulate other erogenous zones (e.g. clitoris, breasts and nipples). Repeat this step a few times until you think it’s time for the big “O”. The hiatus is going to exponentially enhance her orgasmic pleasure. Certainly, she will be annoyed when you pull off- don’t be afraid to provoke her, she will thank you later.


Source by Ian Lee