4 Simple Tips to Attract Girls at the Beach | Nutrition Fit



Summer time is a time where a lot of young single attractive girls come out at the beach. It is also a great time to attract girls because it’s the time of year when girls are more available during the day and open. Unlike winter time, where girls are most likely at home or inside a building where there is less chance of bumping into them. So summer time is the best time to attract girls and the beach is the best place to be!

The beach is also a place where there is a lot of competition to attract girls. So here are 5 simple but effective techniques to attract girls!

1. Always be smiling at the beach

The smile is the best and easy way to attract girls. This is because when you smile, you are easily more approachable and less scary to talk to strangers, specifically girls!

2. Don’t wear a shirt at the beach

It doesn’t matter if you are fat, skinny or whatever. If you wear a shirt at the beach, you are less open and hard to approach. The beach is a place where you go open and shirtless to attract girls!

3. Always be busy to do something

If you act as a loner at the beach, then no one will approach you. So do something at the beach. This could be walking or carrying your surf board!

4. Talk to everyone

It doesn’t matter if talk to a stranger or a person you are not interested in. Always have the impression that you are sociable and talkative. This is a key way to attract the girl of your dreams!


Source by Tito King