5 Exercises to Work into Your Lower Back Workouts

Lower Back Workout

Lower back muscles play a major role in daily life activities. Therefore, keeping it fit with exercises is necessary for stability. Lower back posture maintenance and mobility keep the muscles fit, which can be maintained with different types of lower back workouts. It is crucial to keep the lower back muscles strong and flexible.

Top Work Outs to Keep Your Lower Back Strength

Deficit Deadlifts

Deficit deadlifts increase the range of motions. You have to start the exercise on an elevated platform by keeping the feet hip apart in width. For holding the bars, you need to lower the hips and bend the knees. The bar is held with palms. Keeping the look straight ahead, chest up, and back arched will create the perfect shape. The weight is lifted in a proper form. When it reaches the knees, you need to pull up the barbell contracting the shoulders. This position is maintained for some moment and then returned to the initial stage by lowering the barbell. The bodybuilding magazines contain more details about deadlifts.

Back Extension

This is an effective exercise that entirely targets the shoulders, hips, and back. For this exercise, you need a hyperextension bench. You have to lie your face down with your arms. Ensure that the thigh portion is flat and the space is sufficient for bending the waist. Then, you have to keep the back flat and bend forward. This is to be continued until a stretch is noticed at the hamstrings.

Cobra stretch or Sphinx stretch

This is performed by lying down face on the ground and the back portion to the ceiling. The hands are extended in front, and the palms are placed flat on the ground. You have to lift the head and chest from the ground with palm support. Engage the lower back and glutes, and look straight when moving up. You can get more ideas on stretches from bodybuilding magazines.

Knee to Chest Stretch

You have to lie your back against the ground portion for this exercise. Ensure that your feet are flat while bending the knees. The right leg should be straightened. Afterward, you should lift the leg and move the knee towards the chest without lifting the hips. The knee should remain bent while lifting with palms clasped. This position is continued for a 1-minute maximum.

Child’s pose

You have to place your hands and knees on the ground and sit back. Then you need to bend the torso following the bowing position. The arms are extended in the front; and the body is relaxed. The performer should breathe deeply to feel the relaxation.

These lower back workouts will make you get relief from lower back pain and improves your posture. It also keeps the lower back portion healthy.