5 Killer Ways to Please Your Man in Bed and Keep Him Loyal



Most women are clueless when it comes to pleasing their men. They think that all men want is sex and that’s it. If you are thinking this way, you are only half-correct. Men, in addition to sex, wants more. They want to be dominant in bed, but at times, they also like to be controlled by women. They want to be pampered at times. This article shows you how you can please him so that he will stay loyal to you.

1. Perform oral sex. Men enjoy oral sex more than everything else. Start by kissing his penis and then moving down to his testicles. Then lick his genitals slowly. Once you are done, put his penis head into your mouth and slowly move down the shaft. For added pleasure, you might want to pop a mint into your mouth for the cooling sensation. If you really want to please your man in bed, well, give him oral sex.

2. Explore his erogenous areas. There are a number of parts of a man that are receptive that will have him going soft in his knees. Besides his penis and testicles, you can in addition cuddle or kiss his groin area, inner thighs, nipples and neck. Give a little bite on these areas, especially the nipples. Here is something that most women don’t know: men like their partners to lie on their chest. So remember to give his chest some attention.

3. Men appreciate a good kiss. The kissing process helps your man to relax and prepares him for sex. It is said that “if you are kissing, you are happy”. It makes you and your partner feel good about yourselves. So a good kiss is a build-up to great sex. And yes, don’t forget the mints again. Men are very turned off by women with bad breath.

4. Identify his favourite sex position. Most men prefer the doggy style and the missionary position as they allow maximum penetration. Women also favour these 2 positions as the penis can reach a woman’s G-spot directly. Different couples have different preferences, so there is no such thing as the ‘ideal position’. Explore and be creative with your ideas. You might also come up with something new for the Karma Sutra!

5. Going big. Men are turned on by women with big breasts. According to a poll from an online gaming forum, more than 87% of men think that an ideal breast size is at least a cup C. The reason behind this is that men like to fondle with breasts during sex. A woman with bigger breasts provide a better grip for men, which makes us men feel ‘happy’. This also explains why men drool over women who are well-endowed.

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Source by George Yeo