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An excavator is a very important machine in your construction work. The machine comes with many parts that you might be aware of and others that you might not know of. To help you out here are some of the common parts:


The scrapper drags the machine partially, scraping down the spots in high sites and depositing earth in the low areas. The scrappers are very important in large areas such as road construction.

Wheel Loaders

They are also known as large end loaders and they play a major role in helping the machine to turn sharply when you are loading the dump trucks. The loaders make use of a steering system that relies of strong drive axles. Due to the strong axles you are able to carry enormous loads without risking breaking the steering knuckle.


It’s also known as the scoop and it’s usually made from very strong steel. The tough steel ensures that the bucket is able to break through the large rock and hard soil without any problems.

Hydraulic System

This is the system that gives the different parts of the excavator their strength. Major components of the hydraulic system are hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders act like arms of the human arm.

When the cylinders contract they pull the bucket and boom just like the muscles move the arm and hand. As an operator you are the one who manipulates the movement of the cylinders depending on where you want to move the earth.


This is the top half of the machine and has the ability of pivoting in a complete circle. The house is able to pivot a complete circle because it’s attached to the undercarriage by a center pin. Due to its ability to turn 360 degrees you are able to work on a wide area of the workspace while still sitting still.


They are also known as undercarriages and are powered by hydraulics. The tracks are moved forward and backward by pedals that are mounted in the cab of the excavator. To turn on the machine you have to brake one track and then power the other. The tracks also aid in turning the excavator.


These are the common excavator parts. It’s good to note that the parts undergo tear and wear; therefore, you should be ready to replace them over time. For ideal results you should ensure that you buy the parts from a reputable store.


Source by Duncan Lancer