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We know that exercise is incredibly beneficial for us but many people don’t even do it. The benefits are vast and range from improving physical health and strength to promoting mental health. If exercise feels like a chore to you then we need to find ways to make it fun. If the exercise is something you enjoy then you’re more likely to do it and stick with it. Once exercise becomes a habit it will improve your life drastically. Here are some ways to make exercise fun.

1. Change It Up

The treadmill and elliptical machines can be utterly dreadful. It might be okay if you have some music or an audio book in your headphones but even then, it’s not much fun. Change up your exercise and cardio routine to something not so monotonous. Try something different like kick-boxing, a dance class or rebounding at a trampoline class. With fitness-focused dance classes you can do anything from salsa dancing to hip-hop. Let loose and by the time the class is done you will have no idea you just worked out and burned a bunch of calories.

2. Circuits

If your current routine is slow and is taking a lot of time to complete, try doing some circuits. This will crank up the intensity and you will complete your workout much faster. When doing a circuit you will complete each exercise for the given repetitions and then move right into the next exercise without resting. You will complete all the exercises, take a rest and then perform another round or two. You will be able to challenge yourself in a fun way by trying to beat your previous times of completion. Another fun challenge is to do interval training. You could perform an exercise for 30-45 seconds at full intensity and then rest for 10-15 seconds and repeat. Prepare to sweat and burn some fat.

3. Grab A Friend

Having support and accountability on your fitness journey is crucial, so having a friend by your side will help keep you motivated. Set up fun exercise routines where you can challenge one another. Exercise as if you were a kid again and challenge them to a race or who can do the most pull ups. Have fun and laugh while you’re at it.

4. Pump Up The Volume

Take your best tunes with you to your workout. When you hear a song that motivates you, you will give it your all. Have fun with the music and increase your intensity during various parts of the song.

5. Take It Outside

This is similar to the first point of changing it up. If the weather is nice, get outside and use nature as your gym! When you’re outside you will find; grassy/flat areas, parking lots, jungle gyms, curbs, stairs, beaches, sturdy tree branches (for pull-ups) and more!

6. Dress It Up

Have some fun with this one and grab some new workout gear. If your shoes are old this is the perfect excuse to go shopping and get some nice new footwear. For many people, when they are dressed in style they will feel more confident and excited to exercise.

Working out doesn’t have to be boring, make it fun with these tips and you will be able to turn it into a lifestyle.


Source by Jessica Ann