A Review of Somnio Runaissance Running Shoes | Nutrition Fit



Somnio modular shoes has a capability to be softened, arched, stiffened, flattened, and tilted as per the physiological requirements of the individual. Their idea is to make these shoes suitable to your running style rather than your style of running to your shoes.

The shoe manufacturer offers three shoe designs depending upon the three running modes (motion control, neutral and stability). There shoes are customizable in a unique way, like they have been made in a way to accommodate wide variety of footbeds, cushioning inserts and wedges for heel and barefoot with about 648 various kinds of combinations. However, first to get the proper stride, you need to first get fitted.

This process begins by customers making a visit to Somino dealer where the customers get analysed for their running strides on the treadmill. Here their arch, knee tracking and size are measured on different Somino instruments. After the procedure, the dealer starts preparing the custom fit. It could involve some cushioning below the forefoot or some less on the heel side, some wedges to make for the natural cant of feet or a footbed for the high arches. No extra charges are taken for these services. This customization facility is included in the sale price coming in the range of $110-$130.

Basically, talking of me, I’m sort of biomechanical disaster from downwards. I’ve a right leg shorter by about centimeter to the left. I also have unusually high arches and have a sort of varus tilt in both my feet. Long walks or runnings have always hurt me.

I visited Somnio, and the analysis on treadmill was the first occasion in a year when I ran! After usual tests, I walked away with neutral Runaissance model which had been equipped with slight cushioning inserts, some arch support and a Somino’s varus wedge which was steepest-I was instructed to try to be more upright while standing and should focus on moderate foot strikes.

After an initial run of three miles, I was unable to walk for two days. I had recruited muscles which have not been used for a long time. My back as well as knees which used to cause hindrance to my run, were completely calm.

There’s no doubt that this is really most soothing ever I’ve felt while running since long time. There has been slight ache in my left knee but I’ve now got used to my latest strides, the pain in not so acute now. Now I’m aware of my knees but am least bothered about them now. Similarly my back hasn’t caused any problem after my runs. I may not become a marathoner; I’m not just made for these. But now I’m in 5 K next week, the first occasion in the last ten years.


Source by Sanjay Sharma