Advanced Yoga Asanas and Their Benefits | Nutrition Fit



Practicing advanced yoga poses requires more energy, power and elasticity of the body than it does for simple and intermediate poses. If you have mastered basic balances, bends, twists, stretches and inversions then you are ready for advanced yoga postures. The Crow, Crane and Peacock poses can be practiced after some strength of the arms is attained. Crow pose invigorates the body, centralizes energy of the mind and brings an absolute calm and strength. Crane pose makes you self-sufficient and powerful inside. Peacock position benefits the digestive organs as the blood is concentrated towards them and their condition becomes better. The exercise is a good treatment for obesity, piles and constipation. Flying Crow and Firefly asanas too work out the arms.

Once your legs are strengthened you can take the Monkey pose. It is good for stretching the hamstrings and groin. Pigeon posture is practiced standing. It widens the pelvic area, stimulates liquidity and fluidity of the body. King Dancer asana is also performed standing. It enhances the body’s balance, makes legs strong and gives a stretch to the back. Before a standing asana allow yourself a few moments to ‘center’ by standing with your feet apart, palms placed in prayer position in front of the heart. Then inhale through your nose and exhale out the mouth. This will enable the muscles to relax and adopt a pose easily. Centering also helps you develop poise and focus.

Being a yoga student, you will achieve a well balanced and coordinated body after regular practice. This will help you with advanced asanas and also in your day-to day- life; reaching for or lifting heavy things or moving in a crowded place without causing any harm to your body. Reverse pose requires steadiness. It maintains youth and vitality of your body and prevents premature aging from taking place. Its effects manifest in fresh and wrinkle-free skin. This exercise is also good for the working of the thyroid gland. Headstand, commonly known as the king of asanas brings many rewards. It cures nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, even fear and boredom. It improves the circulation of blood and stimulates organs and glands. Memory is helped by it. Generally, physical and mental health is restored by this asana.

Wheel pose is a challenging advanced posture that requires and builds up elasticity of the upper back, arms and shoulders. It makes the torso powerful. It also acts as a tonic for the whole body especially the cardiovascular system. Initially if you have difficulty in performing the pose, you can try its Bridge variation. With this adapted posture you will stretch your spinal column and ease the tautness felt in the upper back and shoulders. Once the body becomes supple, you can experiment Wheel pose and increase its duration and the number of times you practice it. Camel pose is also recommended later in your yoga routine. This is also a great exercise for elongation of the spine, shoulders, arms and muscles of the back. Always remember not to overdo and exhaust yourself, pain is an indication to stop.


Source by Chris Ramos