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In this article I’d like to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using the P90X workout system. Hopefully this will help you decide if its the right program for you. In case you do decide to buy it, I’m also adding a little explanation on how to get a P90X discount online.

You’ve probably seen the P90X commercial on television, the one that claims to get you ripped in 90 days. Or perhaps you have seen the P90X reviews online. This program does work as described. However, there are pros and cons to anything, including the P90X.

By examining both sides, you can adequately make a decision on whether or not the program is for you and your fitness goals.

The Advantages:

The advantages of following the P90X program should be obvious from the commercials. You’ll eat healthier, get stronger and leaner, and you’ll be able to do a hundred or more pushups and/or pull ups in one workout. You’ll be healthier than you’ve ever been and you’ll do it all in 90 days.

The Disadvantages:

The disadvantages of following the P90X program is that it must be followed every day, six days per week. This is essential to seeing the results described in the fitness guide as well as in the commercials. After the program, however, most people go right back to their old bad habits. And in that aspect, the P90X program may send the wrong message to those who aren’t used to working out and want results too quickly.

Its really up to you to decide whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. If you do decide to get the program, do follow it as described, and try not to revert to your old habits when you are done.

Where to Get a Discount:

If you decided in favor of getting the program, you might be on the lookout for a P90X discount.

In order to do that, just go to the various online authorized sellers and see who is offering the best price on the P90X. Cheap price points are not so common, but take into consideration that some places offer free shipping as well.


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