An Alternative to Body Piercing Jewellery



A Body Piercing is exactly that. Whether it is a piercing made by, hopefully, a sterile needle or a sliver of skin removed from an intimate part of the body usually the nostrils, eyebrows, belly button and more commonly nowadays the nipples.

If the piercing is performed under a safe and clean environment then everything should be OK however there are increasing instances of infections arising from piercings

Some of the health risks are.

Chronic Infection.


Prolonged Bleeding.


Staphylococcus aureus

We all know about the common infections but do we know about Staph.

Staph is the shortened form of Staphylococcus (pronounced: staf-uh-low-kah-kus), a type of bacteria. These bacteria can live harmlessly on many skin surfaces, especially around the nose, mouth, genitals, and anus. But when the skin is punctured, pierced or broken for any reason, staph bacteria can enter the wound and cause an infection.

In fact if you are thinking of donating blood there are a number of organizations that will not accept blood if piercings have been carried out within the last year.

So what can one do to avoid the above but still wear body jewellery?

The alternative is Non Piercing Jewellery a perfectly safe way of wearing body adornments without the possible risks that could affect ones health

There are a number of web sites that specialize in this form of fashionable accessories.

Skillfully combining silver, gold and crystals some wonderful designs are available for most parts of the body without the need to lose parts of your body or suffer the pain usually involved in piercing.

Silver or gold body rings can be attached to the eyebrows, nostrils, and belly button by gently squeezing them onto the folds of skin firmly enough to attach them.

For the under sixteen’s who want the ‘in’ look but cannot have piercings then non piercing will do the trick.

A bit of gossip now, Victoria Beckham, Yes David Beckhams wife, wore a non piercing lip ring at one of her last concerts and the newspapers actually thought she had had her lip pierced until all was revealed.

Adjustable rings can be used for nipple enhancement which gives a similar feeling to a pierced nipple but no pain and can be removed at will.

Dangles can be fitted to the rings using various forms of crystals which also enhance the body areas.

Gold and silver nipple shields without the need of a permanent attachment to hold them in place can be easily fitted by using the fitted adjustable rings.

There will always be a massive market in the piercing industry and retailers of piercing products will grow and grow, just look at the amount of sites and products available on the net at the moment however as the health issue is a growing concern amongst a number of people non piercing jewellery is becoming stronger.

For women or men wanting to wear body adornments but nervous of the effect of piercings the answer is to use non piercing jewellery and enjoy the pleasure without the pain.

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Source by Roger Garrett