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How Do Your thoughts create and control your circumstances?

Can you see yourself a year from now, walking on the beach – the beautiful blue ocean out before you? The water is so clear you can see the fishes, all of them, small ones, larger ones, and some big ones. It is a wonderful day, perhaps you’ll take a swim later but now you are just taking it all in. You are here because a year ago you got some ideas and you immediately took action and put them to work in your business, in your life — now you are here on the beach on a perfect day.

Do you get that?

Thoughts + action taken = results

This is the underlying theme of ” As A Man Thinketh.”

What kinds of thoughts is your mind churning out? It probably depends on what has gone into your head. Are you hearing how business is bad and no one has a chance. Perhaps you heard it on the news or even from some marketer who wants to use scare tactics and have you believe that his product is the only way out of your business dilemma.

The fact is the human mind is the most powerful goal seeking system on the planet. A question properly phrased, an instruction to find the answer, and the understanding and underlying belief that the result will come makes it all work. In the case of the news and the marketer, information was planted in you mind by someone other than yourself. In the case of the marketer he had in mind actions that he would like you to take. In the case of the news report, perhaps a reporters bias of the facts, or a government agency, or something that is just wrong, has skewed the report causing confusion and inaction. Think on this: it has been said that over 70% of all news has been placed there.

Information from the news has been placed there by those who want to control your thinking – they know that your thoughts control your actions and they would like you to act in a way that is in their favor.

You have to take control of the information that feeds your mind. You have to examine what has gone into your mind that is driving the decisions you are taking today and that those decisions are driving your tomorrow. James Allen says:

Good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results; bad thoughts and actions can never produce good results. This is but saying that nothing can come from corn but corn, nothing from nettles but nettles. Men understand this law in the natural world, and work with it; but few understand it in the mental and moral world (though its operation there is just as simple and undeviating), and they, therefore, do not co-operate with it.

Could your thoughts bring such great results to your life? Allen also says:

The soul attracts that which it secretly harbours; that which it loves, and also that which it fears; it reaches the height of its cherished aspirations; it falls to the level of its unchastened desires,-and circumstances are the means by which the soul receives its own.

A person must come to a decision about his life that he (he or she) is responsible for it. At that point he must begin to examine his thoughts and recognize the powerful goal seeking system that is his mind. He must look at the beliefs that would have him not make that extra sales call, or watch three or four hours of TV instead of looking for ways to produce the income that will give him the perfect days at the beach, that will insure his future.


Source by Michael Griffin