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Each week, Bodybuilding.com publishes a Workout of the Week to give your body and willpower a unique challenge it’s not expecting. Some are short and sweaty. Others are straight-up grinds. Do it any day you can, but get it done by Sunday night, because come Monday morning, it’s gone and a new WOW takes its place! Let us know that you got it done by using the hashtag #bbcomwow and tagging @bodybuildingcom on social, and you can be fitspo for the rest of the world on this page!

January 11-18, 2021

Got a couple of dumbbells? Good. Got a kinda heavy pair? Even better. This full-body finisher goes great after a chest or shoulder workout, or on its own as a unique challenge to your legs, lungs, grip, and core. It’s from Phase 2 of Total Fitness with Andy Speer, a BodyFit program designed to build all-around athletes from the ground up. Grab your bells, get to work, and don’t forget to tag #bbcomwow when you’re gasping for air afterward!

Total-Body Workout

Only have light dumbbells? Loop a band around your feet and upper back during the deadlifts, and if they’re really light, you can hold the dumbbells by their ends during the farmer’s walks. If you can only do a few close push-ups, make them easier by elevating your hands and/or performing normal-width push-ups.



Perform the exercises in order without setting the weight down. Rest as little as possible between movements and 1 min. between rounds.

Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

3 sets, 8 reps (no rest)

Dumbbell Racked Reverse Lunge

3 sets, 16 reps (alternating, 8 reps per leg, rest 1 min.)



Perform exercises in order with as little rest as possible between movements and 30 sec. of rest between rounds. Your score is the total number of close push-ups you perform.

Close-Grip Push-up

Perform each set to failure.

4 sets, to failure (no rest)

Dumbbell farmer’s walk

Select the heaviest weight you can handle for 100 feet.

4 sets, 100 ft (rest 30 sec. )


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