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In this article, we’ll discuss different methods of Exercise. You can basically divide exercises routine into 2 categories i.e. Aerobic and Anaerobic.

Now lets understand them in simple words. You should remember that any exercise done at moderate to High power and lasting less than several minutes are called Anaerobic Exercises (Sprinting)

And exercises those are done at low power and lasting several minutes are called Aerobic Exercise (Cardio i.e. Biking, running).

They both have their effects on body. Like Aerobic exercises will burns calories from body fat & waste muscles (but that is not good, it slows down metabolism). Whereas anaerobic exercise help you to develop high level of cardio fitness without wasting muscles( that’s how you lose weight fast with these exercises).


As I explained above Aerobic Exercise asks you to put up effort up to high power and they last less than several minutes. Now if you can structure a good Anaerobic Routine you can have better cardiovascular system and have really toned up body, that too without any muscles wasting.

Exercises like 100 m sprints, Weight Lifting, Interval Training are all examples of Anaerobic Exercise. This kind of training allows you to exert lots of force over small intervals (Interval Training). So when you are doing 100 m sprints, you are also pushing your cardio limits and decreasing body fat.


Again this kind of training requires you to put low effort throughout long intervals of time. This is great way to build very good cardiovascular system but in spending long efforts of exercise you start losing muscles, which also help you to loose fat. So this should not be your main Exercise Routine.

Exercise like Biking, Marathon running is all examples of Aerobic Exercises. As they require you to put long hours of effort.

If your goal is to lose fat then you should put Aerobic Exercise as one of routines done at least 2-3 times in a week..


How your routine should look like?

Now while structuring your routines you should be looking to put both categories (Anaerobic and Aerobic). In normal 5 day workout week, you should have 3 days of Intense Anaerobic exercise and 2 days of mild aerobic exercise. Your routine should look something like this.


Workout(Anaerobic/Aerobic exercises)

Cool down with stretching.

Stretching helps to prevent injuries, so it should be done before/after starting any routine.

Your routine should consist of both categories.


Source by Varun Pratap