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10 Best Indian Online Shopping Apps for the better time saver


Be it a day to day hassle when there is an emergency to keep a market list with you all the time while shopping for the groceries and loitering around the lanes, shopping by going out, checking out the outfits and doing a lot of window shopping would be a perfect day for all of us.

But with the increasing number in scientific knowledge and India becoming Technology savvy, We are going lazy and more comfortable in pyjamas at home doing all the shopping at one go through impressive Best Indian online shopping apps. 

Inculcated with these shopping online Apps lives getting sorted and quicker to be reliant on them.

These ten best Indian online shopping apps with the best features are a lifesaver generating ease for our glorified lifestyle.

Pitching it on this surface, more to look progressive with the best time-saver, getting involved with these Best Indian online shopping apps and sighting the most fabulous workflow online :

TOP 10 Online Shopping Apps

1. Myntra – Best Indian Online Shopping App

We all know about Myntra for its deep roots in the e-commerce sector. Launch with the initiation in 2007, Started with the personalized items where customers customize the goods such as t-shirts, mugs, bottles etc. and get it done by Myntra. But it migrated into apparels, clothing, accessories for everyone.

Myntra terms to affiliate with sellers too but with certain conditions on approval terms.

The vast chain of this Best Indian online shopping App came into gaining popularity for more customers as it is a one-stop-shop for fashion, lifestyle and accessories.

The largest e-commerce platform to explore with many upcoming offers, exclusive gifts cards and more than 500 international and national brands.

Myntra is designed with the best high-resolution images for customers’ better reviews with good product quality is what customers go gaga all around for Myntra. 

Myntra introduces customers with the best pricing, the best quality of the product, affordable offers which is an outstanding ranking for Myntra and a list of numerous awards which mark the limelight as the largest e-commerce portal.

Best Indian online shopping App Myntra- brand Ambassador
Best Indian online shopping App Myntra


Working interface: Desktop & mobile  


Indian Online Shopping Apps-Myntra App in google playstore
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Indian Online Shopping Apps-Myntra App in App store
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2. Amazon India      

Amazon jazzed up the e-commerce platform by introducing Amazon into books. Jeff Bezos started this journey in 1995 and introduced e-commerce as a vision for many others as a sunray that reflected their life into more commanding and more relaxing.

The term E-commerce was not an easy word to recall. Therefore, we are acknowledging it slowly and steadily. 

We are getting more familiar with this mind-blowing online market that becomes functional for every other word of mouth.

Amazon set the bars high as it came up with goods to sell to the doorstep supplies and introducing this e-commerce shopping online to retailers, wholesalers, B2B, B2C and not only international but national Amazon mark the beginning of online logistics supplies.

Around 12 million articles on Amazon are of product, media and services.

With the multilingual house of Amazon, it is also venturing into food suppliers in which testing is conducting in Bangalore like Zomato and Swiggy, 

Amazon will now be in the long run of a food supplying chain too.

Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform with unlimited resources on lifestyle, fashion, essentials, utilities and helping small businesses to rise on the virtual market.

Best Indian Online shopping
Best Indian Online shopping


Working Interface: Desktop and Mobile


Indian Online Shopping Apps-Amazon App in App store
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Indian Online Shopping Apps-Amazon App in Google Play Store
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3. Flipkart 

Flipkart is limited to India and started the journey in the year 2007 by selling books. This e-commerce site has numerous partners with 150 million products listed in 80+categories.

Flipkart also provides service to retailer sellers by providing logistics services for their portal and many more services.

Flipkart initials are the core formation for the customers as they believe in the Customers First tagline and achieve it more inclined towards the flow process of integrity, inclusions, decision and actions.

Flipkart provides detailed reviews on products that do not work on the keywords but initially reach the customers through rationalising on ranking terms which is not the prospective approach of Amazon.

Flipkart is a Stunning E-commerce platform and the best Indian online shopping app that provide groceries, fashion, lifestyle, essential utilities too. With over lingual choices, Flipkart also gives the options to shop with its voice assistant.

Indian Online Shopping app- Flipkart
Indian Online Shopping app- Flipkart


Working Interface: Desktop and Mobile


Indian Online Shopping Apps-Flipkart App in App store
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Indian Online Shopping Apps-Flipkart App in Google Play Store
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4. Bewakoof

Set up in Mumbai, India. Bewakoof launched for the sensational youth. Rejuvenative ideas come out dazzling on the apparel, new fashion, even the accessories that are touched and contemporary in this new generation. 

With a trending Collection and unbeatable designs, these Indian Online Shopping Apps founders are Prabhkiran Singh and Siddharth Munot in the year 2012.

Outstanding designs and the name of this e-commerce platform is also a given idea to oomph the controversial stigma among people who call box people or stunt people stupid. So, Bewakoof derivative came from the word “Stupid people”.

Innovative yet fascinating, challenging its online shops to get the vibes of different e-commerce platforms from others. It also included a fanbook where consumers may win goodies while posting their picture of wearing bewakoof products and posting on Instagram by tagging #weeklygoddiesrush.

Bewakoof Goodies challenge
Explore Best Indian Online Shopping Apps-Bewakoof


Working Interface: Desktop and Mobile


Bewakoof app store
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Bewakoof App in google playstore
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5. Limeroad

The Limeroad App is designed to focus on a whole new concept for engaging consumers into products in a new challenging way which helps them to be more creative and fun with their Limeroad handles.

Limeroad was established in 2012 by Suchi Mukherjee and Ankush Mehra based in Gurugram, Haryana and given a vast structure to its e-commerce platform, nurturing this Indian online shopping app with clothing and accessories for women, men and kids.

Limeroad allows the customer to introduce themselves by creating a fully fun scrapbook with its product. Lime road not only ventures to its customers but also affiliates to sellers who have small businesses with package pricing, 

No commission rule is applicable with some pricing in this Best Indian Online Shopping App.

Limeroad helps influencers to prepare their scrapbook, participate and earn too. Limeroad presents 6,00,000 products listed with 10,000+ brands and opens with offers, discounts and segmenting ease for the customers to choose perfect outfits. Varied Sizes, different colours and patterns are available with numerous choices.

Limeroad- Indian Online Shopping app
Limeroad- Indian Online Shopping app


Working Interface: Desktop and Mobile


Limeroad app store
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limeroad App in google playstore
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6. Nykaa

Since 2012, Nykaa brings women priority to the slab of creation. NYKAA derives from the Sanskrit word Nayaka meaning to be an actress or One in the spotlight.

Nykaa marks its journey by curating 1200+ stores and 100% genuine brands with all necessary and systematic processes.

This Indian Online Shopping App understands women lifestyle by glorifying their personality by building feminine figures more confidently.

NYKAA has all cosmetics products for skincare, a versatile range of beautiful crafts and enhancing its stores to men’s skin-caring products.

Love wandering around and looking up at the lip shades in the stores of Nykaa is what women like the most have numerous options available offering valuable ranges in discounts. Nykaa comes out with a fashion lifestyle in men, kids and women classic apparel and accessories products.

Nykaa prefers to keep quiet and slay it with loud noises by giving offers, discounts and sales that deepen thoughts for everyone. Is Nykaa the best-notch to sell?? 

Best Indian online Shopping apps-Nykaa - Shop for beauty, passion
Best Indian online Shopping apps-Nykaa – Shop for beauty, passion


Working Interface: Desktop and Mobile


Nykaa app store
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Nykaa App in google playstore
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7. Paytm Mall 

Paytm started its journey in 2010 with the process of digital wallet, eCommerce payment system and finances. Based in Noida, Paytm has a specialization in various payment sources into metro, electricity, online recharges, phone recharges, booking events, movies with end numbers of services.

Paytm extended its hands into the e-commerce platform by introducing Paytm mall-like virtual mall where you can shop all clothes, accessories for men, women and Kids plus home utilities. Paytm mall came into existence in Feb 2017 with a B2C model designed with getting influenced by china B2C model design.

Here, consumers find the exclusive products and offer to its end stop where consumers also get cashback purchasing from Paytm mall with 17 stores across India and more than 40 countries as a partner Paytm mall booms the stats from an initial journey.

Paytm mall offers and discount happy shopping
Indian online shopping apps-Paytm Mall


Working Interface: Desktop and Mobile


Paytm Mall app store
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Paytm mall in google playstore
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8. First Cry

Why teenagers, kids and adults have all the fun keeping this in first preference First Cry came into existence in January 2010 which offers baby products exclusively by Founder Supam Maheshwari and Amitava Saha. Srinagar is where the First Cry opened its first outlet.

First Cry is an Indian Online Shopping store for baby products that is too caring and tendering in its derivative. When a mother wants her babies to be pious, clean and moist is why their choices are best and authentic is what every mommy wants.

The First Cry started its preschools for babies and parenting blogs in which all parenting guidelines are given to tackle situations when you are expecting. Every niche is covered for Upcoming would-be parents.

Indian online shopping apps- First cry
First Cry where Babies Are Blossoms


Working Interface: Desktop and Mobile


First Cry in app store
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First Cry in google playstore
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9. Pepper Fry

The studio gets ready as planned and perfectly furnished. Moreover, the space for furniture is void now we are wondering how to fill the space up.

With all the chaos we had, we had to go and buy the furniture or console by locating the shop and choosing which colour and quality furniture would be best for the planned interiors.

But Now Pepper Fry makes it more comfortable with flexibility in assuring your desired preferences and subjecting all the measures, keeping in mind that Pepper Fry simplicity in ideas and great strong base set up are because of implementing breaking ground ideas.

Pepper Fry established in 2012 by two ideal brain interactions on the concept of breaking down the barriers and making it easy for the consumers. Founders are Ambareesh Murty and Ashish Shah.

Pepper Fry is an Indian online shopping store where you can shop for interior furnishing, exterior sittings, furniture for all spaces and makes remarkable progress by channelling into 500+stores   and up to 1.2 lakh products availability. Serving with more authentic brands, the platform Pepperfry has deepened its formation into furniture, furnishings and all goods items that make the space look luxurious at Affordable numbers.

Shop for best furnishing- Pepperfry
Best Indian Online Shopping App-Shop for best furnishing- Pepperfry


Working Interface: Desktop and Mobile


Pepper Fry in app store
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Pepper fry in google playstore
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10. Snapdeal

With Over a 60million+ products and widespread into 6000 cities, Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal initiated the long run into an e-commerce platform by starting the company  Snapdeal in 2010. Its headquarters is in Gurugram, Haryana.

Partner with 100s leading companies, this Indian online shopping app is best in suggesting apparels, products, from men to women and women to kids, from home appliances to essential utilities – Snapdeal has it all.

Integrating customers with charming offers and discounts, Snapdeal customers is a family to its venture. Snapdeal is India’s fastest Shopping online destination.

Best Indian Online Shopping Apps-Snapdeal
Best Indian Online Shopping Apps- Snapdeal


Working Interface: Desktop and Mobile


Snapdeal in app store
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