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For the uninitiated, there is a diet program that is rapidly gaining popularity out there – the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Plan it is adjunct to Beyond Calories Diet Plan. It features several unique points that distinguish it from the traditional ones you see out there. These are things like not avoiding certain food groups, not limiting your calorie intake as much, and the concept of shifting calories, which ensure more variety in your food intake.

By itself, the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Plan is reported to be very effective and it has been around for many years. It can help you lose those pounds consistently and steadily without sacrificing too much on what you eat. However, if you are eager to lose that weight fast, you may find the core program to be a bit inadequate.

This is where the Beyond Calories Diet Plan comes in. As mentioned before it is an adjunct to the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program, and is specifically meant for those people who are committed to losing weight faster. This additional resource achieves that goal through 2 main steps: introducing you to the concept of H.S. Foods, and advocating additional dieting tips and tricks.

H.S. Foods stand for High Satiety Foods. As the name implies, these are certain foods that will make you feel full, even when you consume only a little amount of them. That means, by incorporating them into your existing plan, you will never feel deprived of food, and yet lose even more weight. Some examples include boiled potatoes, nuts, and protein sources such as meat and fish. Beyond Calories will help you by educating you on exactly how and how much you should eat from these foods to keep on losing weight.

So will this additional plan work for you? The answer is yes, it will. If you are already committed to the plan, you will find that the additional satisfaction from H.S. Foods will help tremendously. However, if you simply want to lose some weight, then the core program will already be enough for you. But I guess it is always important to mention, you need to exercise while dieting. It does not have to be anything extreme. Maybe quick walk around your block, or just some small exercise at home, however make sure you spend time exercising if you want to achieve better results. Working out and dieting is the only right combination when it comes to weight loss.


Source by Ivonna Boss