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In September 2004 Orange County, California published an article

“OC Women are the Healthiest Women in the world.” Location. Location. Location pretty much is the case for these women. Well not everyone is so fortunate to be raised in or live by a resort town, but no matter where you live you can mimic these important factors.

First and Foremost Vital Secret: is to focus on exercise. Then of course your multi-daily vitamins, nutritional supplements, pleasure and relaxation. Always walk first, ride your bike second and then if you must thirdly drive your car. It might seem crazy but these women ride their bikes to work to family functions with or without baby in tow. These women are all on sports teams; play volleyball in the sand; softball in the park; rollerblading to lunch. What made this become a reality in California was non other than the “Boardwalk” a 100 mile stretch the pretty much entire coast of the state from Northern to Southern Cal. The Boardwalk is also a favorite spot on the Monopoly game board, our culture’s game of excitement, and true in fact. What we are seeing across the board, or nation, is a need to help all women reach these awesome health ratings.

If your not so lucky to have a boardwalk, river walk or bike trails close by check out the massive new homebuilder locations, communities and websites. These builder’s are going the extra mile and adding or letting The Homeowner’s Association add (vote) on country clubs, swimming pools, running tracks, walk paths, bike trails. They are a growing trend, a very healthy trend. These homebuilder’s actually set aside 5 to 15 acres for this very reason. Everyone needs to get out daily get some sunny Vitamin D (even 5-15 minutes with out sunscreen). It’s time to get your positive endorphins pumping- they are key to that healthy glow and smile! Exercise is their secret and every woman should make it a conscious effort to go to the lake or recreation areas in your town every week! Play Ball!

Second Vital Secret: Nutrition, especially in some of our toxic environments. Organic fresh fruits and vegetables. Our bodies need to replace what the food supply has come up short, and many nutrients have been depleted, due to many factors such as pesticides and travel time to market. You can find good deals at you local supermarket on organic foods, by looking for their specials. Also visit your local farmers market’s popping up everywhere! Start growing your own garden and eat your fresh sweet homegrown tomato’s! Multi-vitamins are a number one must also to do. They must become a part of your every day life, period. Water, water, water, yes it’s still one of the best thing for you. We all need to take a look at ourselves inside and out. All natural organic products are the main targets. Another great tip comes from the Pacific Islanders’ who live off of coconuts; coconut meat; coconut juice; coconut oil and do not experience as much disease as our western diets have caused. You can by extra virgin coconut oil online, by the tub or in supplements, at your favorite natural foods market and even in your regular super market (for less money) in the baking aisle. Replace coconut oil when cooking, instead of butter. Olive oil is also important as well as a daily glass of wine after a brisk walk, like they do in Italy and live longer. Vitalize and energize your body on a daily basis is a very key secret to a happy, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Third Vital Secret: Pleasure and relaxation is a must! Spoil yourself. Basically invest in yourself. Go on a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, and internet. Hit the spa and the tanning salon for a breather. Or just grab a blanket, hit the sand or grass, bring a picnic and most important invite your family and friends!


Source by Gina Bucci