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Get rid of that spare tire by eating the right foods and choosing weights over cardio.

– FIT TIP: Endomorphs should capitalize on intensive gym workouts and abandon sit-up and other low-intensity exercises –

>> Having difficulties with fat loss despite watching what you eat? You’re most likely an endomorph, with a big skeletal frame, broad midsection, and a body rich in stored fat. Although it might be a blessing in disguise for power-lifters, the same cannot be said when you’re on the beach.

What’s going on?

Consider yourself ‘hardcore’, with fast foods and cushioned couches as your best friends, your genes only make matters worse. A study had the subjects overfed for 1,000 calories each day for 100 days, and the result was weight gains of around 4.3 to 13 kg was observed, indicating that individuals with a higher tendency of storing fat gained weight three times as much as others. Some experts believe that up to 70 percent of your BMI (body mass index) may be attributed to hereditary factors, which means you’re not to blame if you can’t get rid of those excess fats. The thing is, you might be training the wrong way.

Big mistakes you’re doing

Devoting a lot of your time on the treadmill is not the answer. To properly lose weight and shed those fats, you should replace slow-paced cardiovascular workouts with interval-based conditioning. If your weight puts too much stress on your joints, ditch those box jumps and sprints and go with the sled push for less effort but same results. And don’t be fooled by the misconception that countless sit-ups could shift your gut. Spot reducing fat is a total myth. Having nicely toned abs will require you to eliminate fat from various body parts.

What to do

In order to scrape off those excess fats, you should combine muscle hypertrophy workouts with conditioning. You could try a 4-day split routine. For instance, do upper body hypertrophy on Monday, lower body conditioning on Tuesday, lower body hypertrophy on Thursday, and a lot of repetitions on the upper body on Friday at lower weights.

Changing your diet

Sad to say, you’ll need to eat a lot less than individuals belonging to other body categories. First and foremost, you have to keep track of the carbs in your foods. Overconsumption of carbs throughout the day could cause a rapid increase in your insulin, the hormone that is responsible for storing fat. Eat vegetables for your daily carb requirement, and check if something holds you back by experimenting with your diet. At this point, you should already be aware that booze is a no-no.

Additional food for thought

Some studies suggest that excess fat around the midsection is an indication of too much cortisol, the stress hormone, which leads to decreased resistance to stress, so to reduce its effects, you should sleep well and don’t overexert yourself. Supplements like sports drinks and similar beverages should strictly be avoided, as their sugar content will only cause spikes in your blood glucose, resulting in fat storage. Instead, go for protein supplements, which have low carbohydrate content.

Smart moves

As an endomorph, familiarize yourself with specifically-designed workouts to shape your body. Chin-ups, press-ups, are great bodyweight moves for shape-shifting, as well as those requiring you to use the hang clean and other good techniques. Some training coaches force endomorphs to target their upper bodies, particularly the lats and shoulders, with moves like pull-ups and shoulder presses during workouts, which helps to even out their broad waists.


Source by Jonathan Yeo