Bodyweight Exercises For Strength and Mass – Should You Do Them Everyday? | Nutrition Fit



The main question that many people have about bodyweight training is whether any regimen ought to be done daily. Actually it is not advisable to do any workout routine daily. As the body undergoes considerable wear and tear during exercise, it needs time to regenerate and for the micro tears in the muscles to heal. So taking adequate rest in between workouts is essential. The basic working principle of exercise is that high intensity workouts cause more fatigue and less intensity workouts cause less fatigue.

Many people perform a morning workout consisting of squats, pull ups and push ups usually at a rep count lower than their normal routine. This in itself is a good warm up strategy, but definitely does not become a full sized fitness regimen in itself. In fact, if not careful, this routine may end up ruining your main workout. Keep in mind that no single part of the body should be over worked. A good plan is to work those muscles which have become numb owing to the previous day’s workout.

There is no straight forward answer to the question of whether daily body weight training ought to be done or not. What is of paramount importance is that you provide your body with as much rest as possible and try not to burn out and cause major tissue damage.

However, if your primary objective is to pack on more muscle and increase strength, you should train no more than every other day. This comes out to about 3-4 training sessions per week.


Source by Parth Shah