Boobs and Why Men Love Them



Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) wondered, “I mean seriously, they are just breasts. Every second person in the world has them.” Exactly, every second person in the world has them. Your mother, your aunt, your grandmother, your teacher, Bruce Jenner… Oops! Caitlyn Jenner. Anyway, The underlying point is, breasts are not a big deal. They are just round, bouncy, fat that are like drooping extras on the female anatomy. Nothing breathtaking about it.

But, we have to face it. Men are hardwired to worship them. Straight men and particular women of course. Apart from the sexual impression breasts have, the question of the hour is, Would they love boobs if there was something wrong with it? No, not breast cancer.

  1. Polymastia (Accessory breasts): A more scientific name would be mammae erraticae. Apart from the movie fiction fans, there have been reported cases of polymastia since the 15th Century. Here is another added surprise. These extra mammary glands are not always located on the chest. A woman named, Therese Ventre of Marseilles, France, had an extra nipple on her thigh. When she reached puberty, it too matured. She became pregnant and was able to supply milk through them. That’s right. Milk through her breasts, located on her thighs.

  2. Nippleless Breasts: It is not a documented condition as such, but it is definitely a craze amongst a few. Having one’s nipples removed surgically is something the doctors have to be put through. In a more philosophical approach, a few of those with breast cancer have this condition as well. Having a perfectly smooth, round breasts are something a few women dream of, though. But to be frank, nipples are the best part of a scintillating chest. Right men?

  3. The Largest: In the elaborate study done in 2013, men who love big breasts are financially insecure. In that case, those who are in love with Annie Hawkins-Turner are going to go hell-bent and homeless. She has officially broken all records. With a measure of 72 inches all around and 43 inches under-bust, with a bra size of 48V, she holds the record for the World’s Largest Natural Breasts. Guessing all of her friends might be chiropractors. No offence Annie. You Go, Girl!

  4. Gynecomastia: They are also known as man boobs. It is self-explanatory. But the weird fact is, there are a few men who get it done surgically. Straight men, as a matter of fact. A man named Adam Carolla, from New York, got his own pair of beauties because he could not find a girlfriend. No comments man. Whatever works for you. You just keep doing what you got to do.

  5. Paget’s Disease: A malignant breast disease that involves the change in skin and nipples. At first, the skin develops a rash, like eczema. Later on, bloody or straw tinted discharge. The nipple may turn inwards.

So, back to the question of the hour. Are breasts still extremely sexy and interesting even if they aren’t perfect? Ask yourself that question and then maybe we can ogle at beautiful women with their massive mammary glands.


Source by Hita Prem