Breast Enlargement Massage – Get a Firmer, Fuller and Bigger Breast



Is the breast enlargement massage for real? Some people are unconvinced about the effectiveness of this method in increasing the size of your bust. But without a doubt, this method can really augment your breast size. The increase may not be that big, like a 34A flat lady can impossibly have a double D size after a month.

Natural method takes time too. It requires patience. You also have to be conscientious in doing this particular technique in increasing the size of your boobs. But what is the principle that lies behind this breast enlargement massage? How can it make your boobs grow? How can you say it is indeed effective?

The main goal of the massage is to stimulate your breasts and its tissues. It also improves the health of your boobs if you give it a regular massage. But first thing first, let us discuss how it increases your bustline. When you rub your bosom, you are increasing the blood flow in it. A good blood flow is helpful because it can bring in more nutrients in your boobs. Aside from that, the blood circulation can improve the texture of your boobs.

This particular massage can also tone up your breasts. Toned boobs will improve its shape and at the same time gives it a lift. You bust will look bigger, firmer, and fuller. This massage can prevent your bosom from sagging. So how long will you massage your boobs? How often do you do this technique? You can massage each breast for a maximum of two minutes. Doing it more than two minutes may strain your breasts. It is not also healthy. But you can repeat it several times a day. You can even do this every day.

What is the proper way of massaging your breasts? You start from the nipple going outward in circular motion. Do not apply too much pressure as you rub down your boobs.

Aside from the increase of your bust size, this massage can protect your boobs from developing cancer cells. How is that possible? When you massage this part of your body, you also improve the flow of the lymph fluid which protects your boobs from any kinds of disease. The fluids drain the cells from any toxins. This is the very reason why breast enlargement massage is being recommended by many ob-gynecologists.


Source by Vivienne Spring