Breast Orgasm Tips – The Secret of Mind Boggling Breast Pleasure



When it comes to subject of orgasms, most articles put a lot of emphasis on vaginal stimulation. Undoubtedly, it is a powerful way to send women fast orgasm. However, if you put too much focus on it, you are missing out a lot of sexy fun. As a matter of fact, a woman’s body is one big sex organ. It’s full of hot spots and erogenous zones, waiting for you to explore. Do you know that your partner can achieve explosive orgasm by breast stimulation? Read on as we reveal techniques you can use to manipulate her breasts to send her great climax.

First thing first

There was a funny quote about foreplay: “women fake orgasm, men fake foreplay”. A lot of men rush foreplay as they just can’t wait to proceed to sexual intercourse. I can’t begin to tell you how much it annoys women! It takes sensible amount of time to warm up a woman. According to experts, it takes minimum 15 minutes of arousal time before a woman can reach orgasmic platform. If foreplay is too short, she will have hard time reaching the big “O”. On the other hand, steamy foreplay makes her feel loved and appreciated, thus exponentially increase changes of orgasm.

Breast Orgasm Techniques

Follow this step-by-step guide:

#1. Give her a sensual massage all over her breast. Devour a lot of time and attention to loving her breasts.

#2. As she is getting excited, gently bite and kiss her neck.

#3. Next, stroke your tongue around her left nipple in circular motion. Do not touch her nipple. Then, repeat this step around right nipple.

#4. Use your finger to gently rub her nipples. Then, lick and suck the nipples with increasing speed and intensity.

#5. Monitor her respond closely. Is her hip shivering? Did her nipples get hard? Does her breath quicken? If you observe any of the above, it’s a good sign that she is approaching the big “O”. Once you observe the sign, you may proceed to following step.

#6. Stop everything you are doing but keep sizzling eye contact with her. By now, she will be real hot, and beg you not to stop. The first time when I did this to my partner, she screamed my name in pure ecstasy! Make her wait a while, and continue to manipulate her nipples. By no time she will reach not just one, but multiple orgasms!

Final note: When these tricks are combined with big penis sex position, it will send her to absolute heavens!


Source by Ian Lee