Chandrakhani Pass Trek is a famous trekking route that is situated in Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh, India. By trekking you can get a chance to explore through dense forests, serene meadows and snow clad mountains. This pass is located at an altitude of 3660 meters above sea level. It acts as the mediator of Kullu valley and Parvati valley. It is well known for its quite challenging trek with rough terrain and hence calls for above average fitness and endurance. This trek will provide you with a golden opportunity to explore the local culture and traditions and you can come across various temples with stunning architecture. This trek is always on the list of options among adventure seekers who love nature and seek to explore the beauty of the Himalayas. 

Things to Remember

If you love to experience frequent ascend and descend during trekking, then this is the ideal  destination for you. However, to make your trip more safe yet memorable, there are some points that you need to keep in your mind while embarking for the trek. The following points mainly focuses on  main things  that you  need to remember:

Physical Fitness –

It is a moderate to difficult level trek that asks for good body health. So, before your trek try to prepare your body with some regular exercises and proper training. You can engage yourself in physical activities such as jogging, cycling, running or swimming to improve your cardiovascular health. To strengthen your calf muscles try to do squats and push-ups before you start trekking.

Pack your essentials – 

Packing before every trip plays a major role before any trip. You should ensure to carry all the essentials such as warm clothes, trekking shoes, water bottles, backpack and an emergency first aid kit. In case of emergency it’s better to carry headlamps and power banks with you all the time during trekking.

 Food and water

 If you are going on a trek using a tour package then the meals will be provided by the company. But, it is highly recommended to carry your own snack items such as energy bars, dry fruits, and enough water bottles to remain hydrated all the time during trekking.

Acclimatization – 

If you go suddenly for a trek at high altitude then there is a high chance that you might experience altitude sickness, nausea and even breathlessness. So, in order to avoid such circumstances it is better to spend some few days at a nearby town or city so as to allow your body to get habituated with the lower levels of oxygen in the air.

Trekking Guide –

 As you will be in an alien place with a different cultural background, it is better to hire a trekking guide with you to ensure a safe and enjoyable trekking experience. During trekking, the guide will mentor and warn you about the trail, weather conditions of that locality and even the culture of local people.  If you are stuck in an emergency, the guide will help you to navigate and prevent any mishaps further.

Weather conditions – 

The weather on the mountains is quite unpredictable at times. Thus you should be prepared for all weather types by carrying the necessary items with you.   The items can include comfortable wear, raincoats, jackets and sunscreen to protect you from getting tanned.

Respect local culture and traditions – 

There are several small villages and communities located at the Chandrakhani Pass Trek. It is the responsibility of all the visitors not to disrespect their culture and customs as it can disturb their harmony. You need to maintain a healthy and cordial relationship with the local people. Don’t litter the surroundings and try to keep your environment clean and tidy.

Necessary Permits – 

There is the prime requirement of a legal permit from government officials before you go trekking at Chandrakhani Pass. You need to pay the required amount to obtain your permit from the forest officials in Kullu or through a trekking company.


You will have an unforgettable experience at Chandrakhani Pass Trek as it offers the perfect combination of adventure, nature, beauty  and richness as well as unique cultural diversity. This trek takes you to amazing landscapes through lush trees, varied villages and snow capped peaks. Through the whole journey you will have a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet new people with different cultural backgrounds living in that region. If you are a nature lover and are seeking an adventure-filled journey then you should not miss this place as it is a perfect getaway from the daily busy lives of the city and reconnect with nature so as to discover yourself.