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Changing from our old ways of doing things, and our old ways of thinking sometimes is hard. Hard because we are happy in our comfort zone. It’s familiar. It’s easy and requires no thinking. Actually that sounds pretty sad to me. Thinking for myself is something I have fought for my whole life. Research, discussions, thinking from different points of view, and coming to a conclusion that rests well with me. (Probably why research came so easily for me.) Today, I remain excited about doing new things, meeting new people, going places and dancing. Yes, I enjoy a limited, but well thought out comfort zone. I want to encourage you to think about limiting your comfort zone, too.

When I went to San Diego recently, I was truly in a new element. Everything was different, especially the environment, people, and the food. Sure, I have certain parameters, Oh, I mean lifestyle, that I have created, that works for me. Food, exercise, water, walking, bedtime, meditation. But also, I am adventurous and questioning. So, in a new place, the surroundings are different, but, I am the same.

So, because I did no cooking, I had to ask: how was a food prepared, what were the ingredients, or, sometimes for a different meal, with no problems. When I went out to walk, (early in the mornings) I generally walked in the immediate area, and if I were alone, would let the desk know where I was going, and when to expect me back.

Walking is when I get many insights (and flying). I ask me questions, and I listen to me answers. On one of the walks, I thought ‘why it is so hard sometimes for persons to change’?. And this is what I came up with:

We need information that is personally relevant: But, how can we make it relevant to persons who can’t believe that changing his lifestyle can change his life?

The information on creating health is everywhere. But, we’ve been persuaded to believe we are supposed to be sick, as we age. “We all die from something” one man said. That we are supposed to have tons of prescription drugs, supposed to be limited in what we can do, supposed to have aches, pains, problems to no end, and doctors appointments every month. Tests, and specialists, and insurance issues, and this whole thing set in motion by a health care industry, which has nearly nothing to do with helping sick people get well.

I see so many persons who can not believe in a million years that those same old habits, and that old way of thinking could be the reason for a heart attack or stroke. They can’t believe that drinking diet soda is not a good thing. Their belief system is not ready to accept it. So, they continue to become sicker and sicker with each passing year.

We need information that is easy to understand: Now, this is what we do very successfully. Information that makes sense, with resources you can check yourself. Understanding can make lifestyle changes easy and comfortable! The dietary changes, tips for adding exercise and stress management techniques, adequate hydration, easy in a one-on-one plan. Once you understand that your life is at stake, that your life can be better, that your life is in your hands, ( and who cares more about your life than you?), then it becomes personally relevant! To You. That’s the hard work, just coming to that understanding.

We need to feel and see, and taste the difference:

This is the easiest part. After you put into practice this new way of doing things, a new way of thinking, that makes sense, and experience the benefit, it’s easy to stay on the path. Sure, you should enjoy eating, and you will. But think how much more you can enjoy eating with no guilt, with no drugs to try to counter act bad choices. Think about enjoying walking without pain, or playing without becoming short of breath, the strength to pick up a grandchild. Think about traveling without permission from your doctor, or stocking up on meds before you go. Think about not worrying about getting sick on vacation! Take your life back, so you can really enjoy living.

It’s called changing for good. Your Good. Remember, Health is a Choice.


Source by Carolyn Guilford