What is clip-on watches for nurses? Types of nurses watches



It is common to see a nurse wearing a pocket watch, in fact, you may think that a pocket watch is part of their recognizable uniform. In some ways, a pocket watch is seen as a nurse’s badge just as much as a neck stethoscope is seen as that of being a doctor. But you may be wondering what a pocket or lapel watch is and why do nurses wear them?

Well, to answer the first question a pocket watch or brooch is a watch or timepiece that clips into the nurse’s uniform pocket, with the watch face hanging upside down so that the nurse just has to look down to tell the time. The reason why fob watches are commonly worn by nurses, doctors, and medical professionals and not wristwatches is mainly due to hygiene. Wristwatches are more prone to picking up bacteria and germs as they are closer to your hands, while wristwatches should only be in contact with the pocket they are attached to. Read more

Pocket watches are also easy to read, no need to use your hands, all nurses have to do is look at the watch and they will be able to read the time. But telling the time is only one element of using a watch to a nurse or doctor. They need the watch to perform their daily activities such as monitoring and recording the patients’ respiratory rate and pulse, and to administer medications at the right time. When it comes to buying a pocket watch, there are some important factors you need to consider.

This fob watch is popular with those in the medical field not just because it looks very fashionable but you have the option to engrave your personal message on the watchmaking it a perfect gift for graduation for those who have just qualified and it comes packaged nicely in a gift case.

Clip-on watches for nurses

For the nurse who doesn’t want to poke a hole in every pair of scrubs, the clip key-chain is a good way to go. Unfortunately, cropped versions are less common than frozen ones. Swiss Medical Clip-on watches, yes, truly made in Switzerland, are a good example of a clip-on watches that clips on and stays on throughout the shift. Stylistically, they are simple, as in Swiss-simple. This just means that all non-simple things are where you can’t see them. The face of the watch itself is made up of eleven crystal clear numbers (6 is where the date appears) and 60 pips in a ring around the dial for counting the minutes or seconds. The one in our catalog also features a matching heart rate data ring to help you make quick estimates.


Digital Carabiner Clip Watches are really good as they have high-quality digital and battery. These watches provide the perfect performance and accurate time. The overall design is exquisite, beautiful, and stylish. This watch is suitable for everybody and also the perfect travel and casual watch for you. Additionally, water-resistant up to  30 m(98.5FT) or 3 atm.