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In Russia, before the revolution that put Stalin in power, scientists were eagerly studying the use of hypnotism and parapsychology. Throughout the thirties, these experiments continued but ceased abruptly when Stalin took power. The Soviet Union banned study of para-psychology as an attempt to undermine the doctrines of the state. During the cold war in the 1960’s, a story in “Science and Life”, a French magazine, reported that the United States was employing experiments in telepathy to communicate with submarines. This story shook the military awake and again, the USSR was in the race to learn of the paranormal.

The Soviets began to use all means at their disposal, to not only achieve the same results they believed the Americans were after but also find new ways to use and teach psychic ability. Even though the Soviet scientist, Professor L.L.Vasilev, continuously published articles earlier, it wasn’t until the report of the American telepathy study, did the Soviet Union take stock in the possible uses of PSI potential for the military. They regrouped and began studies all through the country and in Czechoslovakia.

The experiments studied not just telepathy but also clairvoyance, bionics, dowsing, hypnotism and telekinesis. There were other studies and all geared to military use. The benefit of dowsing in military action actually became clear during the Vietnam conflict when the United States military forces used it to find the tunnels and caches of the Vietcong.

Both the United States and Russia studied telepathic messages as a back up method of communication for astronauts. While the Soviets first attempted the experiments, in 1971 Edgar Mitchell made 150 different attempts during the Apollo 14 mission to the moon to send his thoughts back to earth. The results proved that it was possible to transmit thoughts through the vastness of space. Edgar Mitchell later started the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

During the studies into parapsychology, Russians gathered up much of the German studies conducted during WWII. The Natzi’s were vigilant into the study of the occult and mysticism. One influence was actually a Russian female known as Madame Blavatsky who is given recognition as the leader in the “new age” movement.

There was a huge public race to outer space in the 60’s and 70’s but few knew of the race to inner space between the two cold war factions. Russia experimented in remote viewing and telekinesis in a haphazard fashion. Many of those that learned the PSI technique used breathing techniques derived from Yoga.

Victor Adamenko, a member of the Soviet biophysical team, trained people in the art of telekinesis using hypnosis and a dialectric cube as a source of energy. Eventually these people learned to charge their own body and eliminate the need for the aids.

One of the most important studies came from A. S. Roman, a physician whose credentials are impeccable. He studied psychic self-regulation and found that you could influence your body with thought. None of the subjects trained received selection based on any particular skills, which means that the ability to learn PSI is within the reach of all. It simply takes practice and the right training to shorten the time to the ultimate goal.


Source by Conrad Raw