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The Diet 4 Idiots plan suggests that people should eat more in order to speed up their bodies’ “fat burning engine”. Now hold on, this doesn’t mean you should eat all you want and then expect the pounds to drop! The makers of the Diet 4 idiots plan believe it’s a matter of learning two important factors: how to increase metabolism and how to manipulate fat-control hormones in the brain. In fact, you could say the very motto of the Diet 4 idiots plan is that “food is not the enemy!” People do not gain weight because of what they choose to eat or even because they lack exercise.

The Diet 4 idiots Plan Teaches You How to “Shift Calories”

People actually become overweight because they are eating the wrong types of food and eating them in the wrong way, or if you will, in the wrong type of “pattern.” The weight loss system goes into detail on how one increases metabolism, which will help burn the maximum number of calories by doing the least amount of activity. Though the system advises that exercise isn’t necessary (and of course we all know it is) one can only imagine the results combining the science of the Diet 4 idiots plan with a solid exercise regiment.

The emphasis of this weight loss program is on shifting calories so that the natural reaction of the body to store fat is suppressed. By changing eating patterns, and actually increasing the number of times you eat in a day, you can “confuse” your body’s metabolism and reap the benefits of faster weight loss.

The Diet 4 idiots Plan Can Knock Off Nine Pounds in 11 Days!

The Diet 4 idiots system [] is so effective it has actually helped numerous people (all of which had trouble with traditional dieting) to lose nine pounds in just 11 days. The secret lies in sticking to the patterns of eating so that the two most important factors in weight loss-namely metabolism and fat controlling hormones-are working for you rather than against you.


Source by Sandy Chea