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Dry skin sufferers depend on their lotions. However labeled “natural”, they are external kludges and eventually will do harm in the long run. Lubrication and hydration of the body is not what people conventionally expect. That is why people to continue to get sick. This suggestion is a conglomeration of what I learned by experience and experimenting with the teachings of Aajonus Vonderplanitz in his 2 books.

First is the issue of water. Ingestion of lots of water will not lead you to being hydrated. In fact, avoid drinking water as well as avoid taking a bath… bathe every other day or longer. It is fat, fat, fat and more fat that should lubricate you, quench your thirst and energize you and should nourish you from the inside out and provide you with moisture.

Of course to have fat usable by your body, you must have done your liver flushes to clear your liver of stones and debris. And you must nourish your liver with raw meat protein and zucchini in Bieler’s soup. A daily egg yolk liver flush in the morning, daily Bieler’s soup and in 1 week or more your digestive system will be online. Of course prior to any liver flushing you may have to do some colon cleansing. And after liver flushing you may need to do some kidney cleansing with avocado tea or just ingesting water melons if in season.

Now suppose you have your liver and digestive system online working for you, we can continue with the fatty lubricating daily diet:

* Wake up to 2 raw eggs, eat it all, not just the yolk

* 2 hours later some fresh raw coconut meat

* 2 hours later some fresh raw fatty beef, say 1/4 volume visually is live back fat or bone marrow is better if you have the money for it. Some raw tuna or raw blue marlin for variety. Eat at least 1/2 kilogram (1.1 pounds) of raw meat a day.

* 2 hours later some ripe avocados (avocados are in season now)

Repeat the process the whole day. If you are extra thirsty, get some cool water melon to satisfy thirst, but if fat will satisfy you, the better.

Avoid olive oil, because in this case, olive oil causes dry skin. That is why I suggest you do egg yolk liver flushes.

The trick is to saturate your body with lots of fat and animal meat. If you can afford it, the more raw fatty animals, the better. No food combining. Space each food 2 hours in between.

For the lifestyle, stop brushing your teeth. Do oil pulling. I have good success with virgin coconut oil. Do 20 minutes each oil pulling in the morning, noon and night. It takes time, but you just have to do it. As you feel your skin moisturizing from the inside, you can begin to use less and less of your kludge lotions. The path to wellness depends on you getting rid of all the chemical inputs whether ingested or placed on your skin.

You may experimenting with putting very ripe avocado meat on your skin instead of lotion. Avocado meat is an age old historical skin beauty agent. Raw Fat is cleansing, raw fat is nourishing, raw fat is lubricating. All hail raw fat. Especially raw animal fat. Yummy good.

Make adjustments as you see fit.


Source by Eli Edwin Casimero