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Do you wish your metabolism were as hard working as that of a fitness addict? If you’re hoping to boost your metabolism without spending 14 hours a week at the gym, calorie shifting is one such way to do it. The reason that this works is because you, in effect, trick your metabolism into working harder. This can result in weight loss and / or weight maintenance despite a high calorie diet.

The body is a complex machine and this is, in part, regulated by the metabolism. The body is also very adaptable so when you follow a regimen of similar eating patterns the metabolism becomes lax. When it can anticipate what your body is going to get because of similar eating habits, it doesn’t work very hard. By shaking things up, you could make your metabolism work harder so that you burn more calories.

Calorie Shifting

By calorie shifting, you change your habits. This might mean that instead of having a large dinner, your breakfast is your largest meal on some days. It might also mean that you alternate the type of eating you do. This might mean that today is a high protein day and tomorrow you eat mostly vegetables. Of course you want to keep your body’s nutritional needs in mind at all times because your metabolism works best when your body is getting all the nutrients and vitamins it needs. Another possibility is having a low calorie diet for a few weeks and then having several high calorie ‘diet cheat days’ in between which accomplishes two things:

1. It helps you with cravings so you can continue healthier eating without feeling deprived.

2. It tricks your metabolism so that your metabolism works harder.

Metabolisms get sluggish when they anticipate the same type of activity on a regular basis but if get it working at a high rate and then give it a high quantity of calories it might still process those calories as it did the 1200 calories you consumed yesterday.

Metabolism Boosting Foods

Some foods naturally boost your metabolism and release fat burning hormones. Some spices will help your body burn calories for up to three hours after you eat! Adding metabolism boosting foods is a great way to further work your metabolism.

Fiber is Your Friend

A lot of overweight people are constipated. There could be 5-10 pounds of compacted fecal matter living in your body. This can make you feel bloated, increase the circumference of your mid section and create bacteria in your body that feeds candida and cause sugar cravings. Increase your colon transit time by eating about 25 grams of fiber daily and make sure you drink enough water!


Water is essential for your body’s functions so drinking eight or more glasses a day is a great way to facilitate the digestive process. It also helps if you’re feeling a craving when you shouldn’t be eating. A glass of water will often fill you until your next meal or snack.

Zig Zag Diets

A lot of zig zag diets are on the market. You can buy books and access to calorie shifting diet programs that can help you. Many personal trainers can also recommend how to go about caloric cycling.


Source by Dana Prince