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One common misconception for the people with the back conditions like scoliosis is they must avoid any kind of physical activity. In reality, some exercises will help to relieve this pain linked with the condition and that is characterized by abnormal and sideways curve in spine. Scoliosis patients must avoid some movements, which will worsen their condition and pain.

The high impact exercise needs both your feet to get lifted off the ground at the same time. Some examples will include jumping, running, and jump rope. The high impact activities or exercises do strengthen your bones and develop more power, endurance, agility as well as coordination than the low impact conduct, but keep these for later program once your curve has improved below twenty degrees, and when you have fallen in the routine with your exercise program.

When doing these exercises mentioned, if any deformity gets visually worse, then these exercises must be avoided immediately. Avoid any type of he back bending exercises like “Prone Cobra” position done in yoga. These might cause severe stress on your spine and might worsen your problem.

Some Exercises to Look at

Weight Lifting

Suppose you are suffering from scoliosis, curve in the spine might have pulled your muscles in back and move in various ways. It means the traditional weight lifting exercises will cause more hurt and put pressure on your back, especially if you are using heavy weights.

Yoga Back Bends

According to Scroth Method site, some yoga postures will cause pain by putting dangerous pressure on back of somebody with scoliosis. And this includes any pose where you have to bend backwards, like the cobra, you lie on your stomach and curve your back for lifting the chest off the floor.

Wheel is one more posture to get avoided, says Scroth Method website. And this pose involves lying on your back and pushing it up on feet and hands so you are bent in the U shape. It is recommended that you speak to your physician prior to starting any type of yoga and advising your yoga mentor of your state so you will be able to sit out on the harmful positions.

Squats and Lunges

Exercises, which work on your lower body will place pressure on the injured back. It is the case with lunges, standing squats, and hamstring curls. These exercises want you to tight and work on your spine and targeted muscle group. You need to avoid any lower body work out that causes you back pain and ask your expert for variations that you can do when sitting and lying down to decrease the pressure on spine.

Shoulder stand

Head in a shoulder stand position is bent sharply forward that overstretches your neck muscles. It will support forward head position and cervical kyphosis. Furthermore, your whole body weight lies on shoulders, and will enormously increase the rib hump formation.

Twisting Exercises

Central segment, rib hump, is engorged when it rotates backwards in to the existing curvature, no matter whether the rotation is on right or left side.


Source by Dr Kevin Lau D.C.