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Lose weight by eating more. Say what? Well for those of you who have ever seen or heard about the Skinny Switch Secret, this claim isn’t new to you. The Skinny Switch Secret which was created by Rob Nevins has been a hit for the past year drawing a lot of attention. But what are real people saying about it? Having scoured the internet for reviews/testimonials from people who have tried it, I must say most reviews are positive with people being happy with their results. I had also found a lot of reviews (and you probably have too) from people who haven’t tried it, but speculate on it saying it doesn’t work.

Now there aren’t just positive reviews or speculations on the Skinny Switch Secret. There are also a couple of negative reviews or people saying there are better options out there and it may be true, but this article is dedicated to explaining what the general public is saying about this diet. The Skinny Switch Secret promises that you can lose weight by eating more, but in a certain 3 day order which boosts your metabolism/fat burning and keeps it high causing you to lose weight regardless of what you’re eating.

This technique Rob Nevins “uncovered” makes a very interesting discovery: Losing weight is not based on what you eat, but HOW you eat. The Skinny Switch diet itself follows a theory that by switching your eating routines in a certain matter, you can trick your body and make it boost metabolism over and over, thereby allowing you eat pretty much anything you like, but still losing weight quickly as long as you follow the Skinny Switch technique.

Interestingly enough, there is a similar technique that makes the very same claim and that is calorie shifting, a dieting trick that also involves mixing your eating routines in a certain manner that also triggers fast metabolism so Rob Nevin’s isn’t the only one who has found this dieting treasure chest.


Source by Max Harris